(8/31/10) 8 on the Break Weekly #72


Another exciting tourney from the Break!

1: EMP Santhrax (C. Viper, Ryu)
2: EMP Dragon God (Ibuki, Akuma, Ryu)
3: Chris Hu (Abel, Ryu)
4: EMP Rahsaan
5: Henry Cen
5: EMP Yipes
7: MarlinPie
7: EMP Andre
9: Quotes
9: Megaman Steve
9: Dr Chaos
9: Ryder
13: KDZ
13: Chung
13: Mike Infinite
13: Noel FUCKING Brown
17: Kattermari
17: Polo
17: 6 Buttons
17: Liston
17: JD
17: Dave Destruction
17: Coderius
17: RonStoppable
25: Sai
25: Chemist4Hire
25: WetBucket
25: Mike G
25: SKM
25: Crazy Master Hand
25: Cool Arrow


Oh man…the drama that this thread will have tomorrow due to the *3-1 grand finals…


Sanford Kelly, Jedi Knight of Arcadia

“These aren’t the matches you’re counting for”


Something else silly happened?


Did they not just split the money? I can’t imagine they played first to 10 or whatever just because.


So what, did the tourney run out of time or something?


So what happened was in grand finals, Sanford was in loser’s bracket. Sanford wins the first set 3-0. Then Lincoln wins the second set 3-1 and thus wins the grand finals. Sanford says to keep playing or some shit and they play 4 more matches. Nobody knows what the fuck they’re doing until Sanford gets up and was like YO THANKS EVERYBODY I WON THE TOURNAMENT, I’M THE KING OF THE EAST COAST.


lmfaooo. Its just mad funny hearing it from someone who saw it on the stream. Some of the people at the break said it the 1st set was 3-2 Sanford and the 2nd set was 3-2 Sanford again. Did you guys record the matches this time?


inb4 someone pulled the plug on the machines
inb4 the matches "didn’t count"
inb4 jobbing sanford so his ego stays on top
inb4 calling 600 viewers stream monsters while they watched sanford lose

Man this shit is hilarious.


I’m more concerned with EMP calling out my fellow TS members when we’re going to fucking Canada this week.


why don’t you post the vods on your ustream channel?


I really think the problem was nobody was paying fucking attention. Rahsaan said Sanford won the first set 3-0 and everybody took his word for it. Meanwhile, I think he only won 2 games. That changes things drastically, since Lincoln won the next 2 games, lost one, and won another one. If those 4 games were in the second set, then Lincoln would have won the tournament. However, if those were in the first set, then Sanford won the first set 3-2 and they went to a second set at that point. They played 4 more games and they said it was 3-2, 3-2, so this is most likely what actually happened.


there are 600 witnesses that can testify to Sanford losing the final set 3-1, you as tourney organizers suck 'cause every week you’re falling sleep on grand finals, simple as that.


from what i’ve watched on the stream and iirc, even Jaxel understood it as 3-0 sanford first set, 3-1 lincoln second set…

then they kept playing. lol.


More sanford drama? Shucks…


For people who have never been to a break tournament but live in NY/NJ/PA -

stay free!!!

thanks for watching the stream!!!

Support your local tournaments! (the break, guard crush, Big E’s, Xanadu)

During grand finals I was watching Marlinpie do godlike combos!!! Sorry!!!

shoutouts to Dragongod doing so well in his first appearance at the Break!!


I think I will make a guest appearance.


Is this directed at me? Because, uh…

In any case, the variable is whether sanford won the first set 3-0 or not. If he went up 2-0, then the results are as listed. If he actually did win the first 3 games of grand finals, then the results are wrong. That’s it. People on the stream didn’t know what was going on either. It’s still ridiculous that nobody involved in running the tourney was paying more attention than this.


Sanford was in losers bracket, Lincoln was in winners. The first set it was Sanford’s Viper and Lincoln’s Ibuki. Sanford won twice, then Lincoln switched to Akuma and won twice, then Sanford switched to Ryu and knocked lincoln to the losers bracket. That set they went back and forth again and it came down to the last round of the last match with Sanford clutching it out, I dunno what the hell people saw on the steam, but thats what happened at the break


fixed that for you