[8/4/10] 5v5 BATTLE FOR THE EMPIRE STATE mini series @ gamepad (bk)


Battle for the empire state team NYC pt2 @ ctf

Intro: for a long time now I have been trying to get a team going for a 5v5 series to go up against EMP. When I finally got the team together through a round robin, vanilla was over and SSf4 showed more/less potential with our players in NYC. So what I thought of is throwing a series of tourneys at cf with a COMPLETE Japanese format. So in other words if money is what you are after this is NOT FOR YOU! If you have pride in your talent and would like to show it off for many to see and as well take back our home town, then this is for you!

This SHOULD be a 5 part series could extend to a little more

Before you read the rules. Read this disclaimer.

Disclaimer: It is time to toughen up like the Japanese! So step your shit up, play your hardest and come up on top!

Game rules:


[*] Must be a New York State resident

[*] must have at least 16 men to be official

[*] One game set, double elimination NOT 2 GAMES OUT OF 3

[*] This series (tourney) is Character locked when you win, you will be part of the 5v5 with that character

[*] When you win a tourney apart of this series you cannot enter another ex. Kate Gosselin wins a tourney she cannot enter again on this series

[*] The character won in any series will be locked in for the 5v5. However, it is still encouraged for players to enter with that character for substituting/comparing etc. ** ex. Kate Gosselin wins with Dan. Other players who main Dan can still use him in future tourneys of this series. Don?t worry it will make sense later on.**

[*] If you are an Xbox 360 pad only player you can still enter this tourney. I will have a car set up until I talk to Henry Cen about making accommodations like paying a dollar for each of your matches etc.

[*] No EMP members allowed for the tourney obvious

These matches will be recorded with commentating! Team Sp00ky

So if you are up to the challenge, here is the info:

srry for the late anouncement but the next one will be in gaurd crush 5 8/4/10 @ gamepad brooklyn


So who is with me?

I know im in there!

Qualified :

A. Mike G
B. Damdai


I live in the fetus attached to new york. No love for joisey :frowning:


how long are the series?


until we get the 5 men

darth no worry, the team will go after NJ next!! after we destroy EMP!



come on guys, Team NYC lets go!


Might possibly come? I’ll see. Gonna rep Cammy :slight_smile:


gonna be on vacation for this. good luck though andy.


well then.

Sounds good. I’ll be there to cheer New York on. Let KDZ and Ryder know when you wanna join forces to “take back the city” :razzy:


in it

Tony (Boxer)


if u don’t mind me joining im there

Jae (Chun-li)


Rhys (Boxer)


ClakeyD (Random)


sure ill be there anyways so why not…

Zack (dudley)


sign me up.

MikeG (Balrog)

so is teamspooky gonna stream from the cabinets?




Lotta Rogs in the place it seems (and a Dudley), maybe I should come through and regulate with Chun. What’s the SSF4 set up like? I’ve only been once when they had the two vanilla cabs, did they update those? I heard something about an xbox and a TV?


We have some LI heads that would like to verse the winning if its possible.


yes but not live b/c there is no internet @ ctf

if you are a pad player then yes byoc. otherwise ctf has te sticks built in the cab.

correct 3 ssf4 cabs

y not li come out and participate? u guys are part of ny you know. bsides im sure joe will come out to these


Pungza - Rose


question, why 8pm? … make it 6 … 7?