8/5 ConsoleWarzone.com XBL Weekly

Thanks to everyone who showed up for the stream. This was the first official tournament for Console Warzone over Xbox Live so this was more of a feeling out process to see what would work.

I’m not going to post full results because we did have some forfeits for no shows.

I am going to run this tournament on the same schedule, and that is, I will invite you to the game when your match is up and if you don’t respond within a time frame I will DQ and move on. I’m trying to make these things run smooth so please be sure you understand the rules and concept before joining. Each match will be streamed so please be aware.

With that said, congrats to ShinLad for winning the tournament with Rufus and Bison!

Galaxy4Gamers hosted the tournament on their website which will be relaunching this weekend with a new look. This will make things much easier and will have additional features which will help me run things better.

Stay tuned for the next event.

I liked the red ring ultra finish on Forte.