8/5 The Break Weeklys MVC2 Results - NJ

1st - ORG
2nd - Shaun "Starbury"
3rd - "Infinite"
4th - Ed The Head
5th - Hevad "VietKhan"
5th - Nick
-14 People

god damn it…its shawn…and due to a lack of time losers finals were 2 out of 3 as were the grand finals…they went 1-2, 2-1 org

strider doom

i fear your s/d a lot more than your storm sent to be honest

why?? :confused: its trash, like me

I’m such a choke artist. -.-

Good shit shawn. It was fun playing ya.

yea but if you didn’t lose to shawn then i couldn’t of beasted on you in the losers bracket

lol you were being random!!! And I shoulda won the first game but I made a very bad decision. I forgot pyslocke’s super has recovery.

yah man evo style finals are bullshit. Good games all around, peace out hopefully me and josh can make it next week, and hopefully the tourney will start at a decent time so that we can catch the last train to NYC.

so wait hevad ud rather play my storm sent for money than my s/d?..is what ur saying?? hehe

nah i just felt like ranting about how much i dislike losing to you in general, you read me like a book. =[

Fuck these little pussy bets. I’ll slap box anyone for money. Anyone wanna place bets on that?


u two should play for money

lol chill out i was just playing forum games -_- me and orv and coo

Good shit rahsaan man u and sandford should have went to Evo.
O yeah I finally got to play soo for money …final count 3/1 me:D
See u at ECC10.


the money-maker himself…always a good profit if u bet on him…watch out for cableguy86 though