[8/6] 6th UP Tournament result! Philadelphia/PA

Grats on Brandon for the first winning of UP tournament!!!


1: Demon. Hyo ($90) - Seth, Chun-li, Blanka
2: Skyet ($30) - Honda, Bison
3: kl ($15) - Fei-long, Bison
4: Dr. chaos - Ken, Ryu
5: Uglyslob - Viper
5: EvilDrakefang - Cammy
7: Jim
7: Josh
9: Sir Kanchi
9: Kattermari
9: Pete68
9: Lee
13: fecalpenance
13: Matt
13: KaiZOku MiKe

Started at 7:30 pm
Finished at 10:30 pm

2 stations used
32" Samsung HDTV with my Xbox360
32" Samsung HDTV with Lee’s Xbox360

Good shit Brandon. About damn time!

Philly-One. Good shit for holding down the tournaments my dude. Can’t wait to see you guys at SJ


Dr. Chaos = KL nightmare?!?!?!?

SJ3 is close, put down FF7!!!

Blanka beats Honda? Or was it Seth??

Nice shit Brandon.


Streaming some casual matches

Sorry guys couldn’t make tonight got called in last min.

Gs B you beat the ehonda.

Thanks guys. Yea seth too stupid but honda huuuurrrrrts! His counter hits are too scary. Ggs to skye.

Magman, I used seth.

Thanks to one for running the tournaments each week. Fun times.


[8/28] Best Of Best Philly Players Tournament with recording + Live Stream!!!

Where: 214 s.42nd st Philadelphia, PA 19104

When: 8/28 Friday

What: SF4

Pre-requisite for entrance: Top 8 of UP weekly or 8 on the Break Tourney

or any equivalent tournament’s Top 8 placers

Pre-Register with proof of top 8 place required.

Maximum 16 people CAP!!!

Every Single match of the Tournament will be live streamed and recorded

check out the quality of this live streamed and recorded matches

through justin.tv

Sniff Sniff, back to stopping ShinRa!

Good job to Kwang for running the tournament.
Good job to Brandon for winning.
Good job for Oliver getting 5th with Viper.

That fei long player is really nasty.

Good to see super Josh Wong getting into SF4!

Are you going to get into Tekken 6?

Thanks guys KL here. I definitely had a good time! Thanks Philly One for setting this up. My roommate Mike B will come next week. Congrats to everyone and Brandon and SKyet for getting 1st and 2nd. BTW Dr Chaos’s Ken is seriously no joke. It was a small tourney but it was damn tough!

Ggs to all the players.

Congrats to kl being random as shit with that Fei-long

Seth vs. E.Honda was fierce yet Drawlin’ because someone was cheesin’ with Seth. smh

Dr. Chaos not being a world warrior >_>

When your ass gets stomped by Ruby and Emerald weapon, send me a text so I can tell your ass that Ken Masters is waiting ! :mad::mad:

GS Brandon!!!

Chaos and Damian what happened???

sorry I couldn’t play this tourney… the Pai Gow table was calling me LOL!!!

Brandon good to see your doing good man

Haha pai gow!! Thanks, Ron. Yo we went to AC last night too and came up puuuure off of roulette. Even though it did wipe us out in our first run lmao! How’d you do?

Thanks, Sanford. As always man.

I got paid!!!

Haha fight money!!!

bryheem said

“imma put up 50 on red. IT BETTA NOT GO BLACK”

HAHA!!! I can imagine bryheem sweating real hard on one spin waiting for the ball to land on RED… Then getting hype when he wins!!! :rofl: