8/6 Family Fun MvC2 Blowout Results

  1. SooMighty - Mag/Storm/Sent, Storm/Sent/Cable
  2. Junior. B - Sent/Cable/CapCom, Storm/Sent/Cable
  3. MAG - Mag/Cable/Sent
  4. Xecutiuoner - Sent/Storm/Cyc
  5. Amir - MSP
  6. Steve Yoo - Sent/Storm/CapCom
  7. Jose Garcia - Sent/Storm/CapCom
  8. Musker - Mag/Cable/Sent
  9. Hawaiin Ryan - Sent/Cable/CapCom
  10. Pizzle - Storm/Sent/Cable

32 people entered. All kinds of guests. Names you don’t see on that list include DJ-B13, taiji, Gandido, Spyro, Carnevil, MattDaddy. More I can’t think of. Mostly out of towners in the tournament today :slight_smile:

Soo beats Jr. B 3-1 in winner finals. Jr. B beats MAG 3-2 in loser’s finals. Soo and Jr. B didn’t play in the finals. And came up on this decision :slight_smile: We cool like that.


prove the haters wrong bro


Jared aka fag!


gg X

what happened to pizzle?


good shit soo…who took out X?

Jose stopped using msp?:frowning: :lol:

Storm/sent/aaa taking over…


hey soo this is Wang… how come im not posted on the results… i beat jared in losers so shouldnt i be ahead of him?


who is the girl in ur av?


its Tila Nguyen



spyro gandido or dj-b13 didnt place???


Yes, Amir’s still rocking the MSP in any match! And that’s why he lost last time >_<

AznHadoken is tight, and everybody knows black haired Tila >>>>>>>>>> Dyed hair.


dam looks like i missed out on a bomb tourney yo, well hopefully ill c some heads tonight at calpoly(if i go).

peace out 1
Good job musker and mag

NASA will pay you $15,000 to lay in bed for 3 months

Was jwong there?


Justin didnt enter, but he was there.

See everyone tomorrow at Evo. :smiley:


i bet he was just studying how everyone plays


LOL…damn…i been asked that shit hella times with mines…Sorry wang…but my avatar is better foo


MAG put X in losers… and took X out in losers… =O


Ok, who’s the girl in your av?