8/6 TEAM Japan for evo 3S selection tournament result

Matsuda called all of the 3S players who wish to be in Team Japan 3S to GAME-NEWTON and had a tourney to determine the member.

participants are as follows:
Raoh, Mester, Nitto, Kokujin, MOV, and KSK
(Tokido came to watch, but declined. He and Chikyuu gave way to those who strongly wish to be in the team.)

Originally, Daigo and Nuki have the guaranteed spots.
But Daigo cancelled, so just Nuki’s spot is confirmed and 4 spots are to be competed among them.
These six fought each other in round-robin format.
3 games out of 5, and ranking is determined by just winning count. Top 4 get the spot.

The result is as follows:

Raoh(ChunLi): 2-3 to Mester, 0-3 to Nitto, 2-3 to Kokujin, 2-3 to MOV, 2-3 to KSK (8 wins)
Mester(Yun): 3-2 to Raoh, 3-1 to Nitto, 3-0 to Kokujin, 1-3 to MOV, 1-3 to KSK (11 wins)
Nitto(Yun): 3-0 to Raoh, 1-3 to Mester, 2-3 to Kokujin, 3-0 to MOV, 2-3 to KSK (11 wins)
Kokujin(Dudley): 3-2 to Raoh, 0-3 to Mester, 3-2 to Nitto, 3-1 to MOV, 3-1 to KSK (12 wins)
MOV(ChunLi): 3-2 to Raoh, 3-1 to Mester, 0-3 to Nitto, 1-3 to Kokujin, 3-0 to KSK (10 wins)
KSK(Alex): 3-2 to Raoh, 3-1 to Mester, 3-2 to Nitto, 1-3 to Kokujin, 0-3 to MOV (10 wins)

According to winning number, ranking is:
1. Kokujin(12 wins) confirmed
2. Mester(11 wins) confirmed
2T. Nitto(11 wins) confirmed
4. MOV(10 wins)
4T. KSK(10 wins)
6. Raoh(8 wins) DQ

3/5 Playoff was done between MOV and KSK for the last spot which result is:
KSK, MOV, KSK, MOV, and… MOV!! MOV won and got the last spot.
Oh, NO! Poor KSK :sad: but he did quite well against top tier characters.

So the final Team Japan member is:
Nuki(ChunLi), Kokujin(Dudley), Mester(Yun), Nitto(Yun), and MOV(ChunLi)

Good job for everyone and good luck for versus Team USA. :karate:



damnit, i wish KSK made it…

Chaotic Blue

Damn Kokujin beasting on Chuns… Thanks for the results Kuni.

No KO in the 5 on 5? =\

KSK!?! damnit… watching mid-tier beat up on top tier is so fun…


wow, KSK beating both Yuns… he should have made it! No videos of that?

Also, is it me or are there less and less Ken users at hi level in Japan recently? I wonder why…

because they know that he owns the game.

soft ban perhaps???

kokujin is impressive.

main reason i dont see as many kens it seems is because i see lots more chuns and yuns, ken just takes more effort. if youre gonna play top tier u might as well play chun/yun right?




Yun > Chun
Chun > Ken
Ken is just about = to Yun

So, Chun > everybody but Yun, and Yun > everybody, so this makes Ken the worst of the 3.


Lol, chun chun yun yun and dudley. Go duds!

you’re quite right, but I’d put Makoto in the picture too, and Ken deals with her much better than Yun imho.

Good shit. Looks like I’m going to be busting my wallet for DVDs. :open_mouth:

yes, at least one mid tier character made it. damn the top 3…but it is much more fun to watch the japanese play them though. this is going to be tough for team usa, i think we will have a good showing.

I hope Kokujin destroys the US team :tup:

gooo JAPAN!!!

i have a question about this real quick…
if it was RR and winner was just determined by win count,
if two people both went 4-1, and one of those people won all their matches 2-0, and another one won all his 3-1, would the winner be the guy who lost one round everytime? is that right/fair? is there something that i didnt account for?

How on earth were you upset you werent on the 5 on 5 team, when you dont even want US to win? Thats why FFA is bullshit, attitudes like that.