8/7 Family Fun (soCA) Evolution Eve Tournament 3S, MVC2, CVS2

1st K.O
2nd Gee-O
3rd KSK
4th Rockefeller

1st SooMighty
2nd Randy Lew
3rd Junior
4th Cesar Herrera

1st Michael Rasphone
2nd Julian Custard
3rd Juan Tolbert
4th Randy Lew

It was insanely packed in there again… K.O and KSK were awesome as hell to watch, we had a direct feed going to one of our bigscreens on the ceiling so everyone could watch.

K.O and KSK faced off in the winners finals on our new Japanese head 2 head 3S cabinets, and they approved! =D

this is my last tournament, this was a crazy year fellas. i’m friggin tired of running these things :slight_smile: hope my arranging these tournaments helped get your practice on. thanks to John D, Soo, and JC for helping out! Good luck tomorrow everyone!


no kidding on how packed it was, it was shoulder to shoulder during KO’s matches.
theres was nothing to play cus the outta towners were good as fuck at so much stuff so i jus kept to that baby game, haha jk. i pretty much kicked it and watched, it was a great way to end a great string of touny’s.

Good shit VDO and Julien! Midwest that shit down. Rock N Geo good shit too. You guys still placed up there.

God Shit I wanna be there!


who was the guy in MVC2 playing Rogue/Colossus/Ken in the tourney?

If he was black it probably was VDO from Michigan. I know VDo plays Rogue.

looked at results, yup thats him.

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