8.8 Earthquake hits Central Chile


Goddamn. That’s a huge ass quake.

Earthquake! Im, juggernaut!

yeah it’s on the news right now over here. They’re waiting to see if it’ll show up as a big fuckin wave or not, if it does it’s estimated to hit around 11:19 am HST They just said we’re on a tsunami advisory.

I wonder if Kane Blueriver is going to be ok. I know he lives in Chile.

A Tsunami is serious business.

Anyone on SRK living in Chile know how the situation is? Very unfortunate news.

I can’t stress enough for those of you that don’t know.

8.8 is enormous. That shit is a catastrophic level of damage.

The scale does not go up at a constant rate. It increases exponentially. 8 is ten times more powerful than a 7 and a 9 is ten times more powerful than an 8.

The biggest recorded earthquake I think ever was a 9.5, which also happened in chile about 50 years ago.

Yo Chile, I’m real happy for you and I’ma let you finish, but Haiti had the most destructive earthquake of all time, OF ALL TIME.

The haiti quake was only 7 on the richter scale. The chile one was 8.8. Nearly 20 times as powerful.

No word from any of my family (lots) in Chile, I hope they’re ok. I’m not too terribly worried though

we only get tiny tremors here MAX so i have no understanding of this type of thing.
it’s just words.

can somebody describe a big quake to me better?

damn saw some videos on the news, looks pretty bad but still kinda early to tell (and dark cuz the quake hit 330 am their time).

We just got upgraded to a statewide Tsunami warning, meaning a tsunami is on the way, though they don’t know how large. I really really hope things will be ok, they’re saying it’ll hit around 11 am Hopefully it somehow downgrades

EDIT: sounds like it’s not gonna be some destructive wave or anything, but sounds like it’ll cause a lot of flooding for something. I hope it fizzles out and I’m worried about nothing, cuz they mentioned a couple areas (including where I live) and said if you were above the 3rd floor I’d probably ok, but I’m on the 2nd floor.

hooray! they just said it shouldn’t be too bad, it’ll probably show up but won’t be something nuts :tup: though they’re still saying to get away from the coast. sucks for me not having a car here

My place in Aiea should be ok since I live on a mountain but I’ll be at work in Kahala around 11 am. Hope we just get some big waves and it’s nothing too big to worry about.

This is the closest thing I could find, I don’t think there has been a recorded earthquake this size in 50 years or so.

This is from Alaska in 1964, it was a scale 9.2

In some places the land pretty much turned into quicksand and absorbed people or houses.


It’s like earth itself is trying to stop poverty and rampant reproduction.

They got hit again? Damn… :shake:

Yeah, there are a couple SRK GD regulars in Chile, hope you folks are OK

Guys, thanks about your concern. Gotta love fellow SRK buddies. Fortunately, this earthquake, even if more powerful than the Haiti one, was far less destructive, because this country is quite used to them, we’re right on a faultline. Don’t think this could get like Haiti, the economic condition overall here is WAY better, we’re one of the best 2-3 countries in the region, which is not saying that much, but it’s still good. In my city, the capital, Santiago, the quake felt at 7.5 degrees in Richter scale, and even though my policy for quakes was to not get scared at all until stuff started flying off from shelves, this time that actually happened. I was actually in the street when it hit, I was in a friend’s car with him, leaving another friend at his home in another part of the city after some SF4 training, and when we were starting our way back the damned thing struck, I saw clearly a big flash in the distance, like if something electrical exploded midway through the quake, then the whole city went into blackout mode, the whole thing lasted like 2-3 minutes, so my friend had to drive carefully back home, as there was only light in the critical traffic lights and emergency lights on buildings. We never lost water or gas, but the electricity took about 3 hours to restore in the city, and we got internet back not long ago, not to mention that phone/celular lines were completely overloaded and it was almost impossible to make contact, I was lucky to be able to get in touch with my family and gf to check if they were ok. Driving outside we realized that old buildings were cracked, there was a thick cloud of dust near an old chapel, its belltower had collapsed, and there were a lot of cars trying to get back home (Friday night, a lot of people celebrating the last summer vacations weekend in night clubs, bars, etc.), so probably lots of them were drunken, and without traffic lights, it was quite hard when we got back to my friend’s home, and lots of people were outside their buildings because of plain fear to the aftershocks. A few bridges went down, some people died, but it could have been worse, the quake afftected pretty much half of the country, even considering how long it is. Even now, 9 hours after, while I type this, I felt a sligh one. If you have any questions or need me to contact anyone you know around here, like HeavyD853, please let me know, I’ll help gladly. And FYI, the most powerful earthquake ever registered was the 1960 Valdivia Earthquake, also here in Chile.

Well guys, lots of thanks for your concern, everything is getting slowly back to normal, but I’ll report with any news I get. Kane Blueriver, reporting in live coverage of the Chilean Earthquake for SRK.com, guys; We da best!

All of a sudden everything shook! I kinda wanna experience an earthquake



Somebody’s really up-to-date on the Chilean culture.

Yeah, I know…that was insensitive. Sorry.