8.8 Earthquake hits Central Chile


Straight up ignant, dawg.


jesus christ another catastrophe? man with all these crazy ass natural disasters the past year or so, makes you wonder if the earth is out to get us or something.


2012 isn’t for another 2 years, chill the fuck out, Earth.


::waits for omfg to hype up the earthquake machine::


Not sure if I should make a new thread for it but a 7.0 quake hit Okinawa.


my friend says she was getting evacuated out her apartment because of the Tsunami. My work called me (we’re right across from a big beach park) and canceled because of the tsunami until there is an all clear.


You mean nearly 100 times as powerful. Simple mistake.


I said more destructive not more powerful.


i have a feeling north america is next. first japan, then chile…its dat ring of fire dawg.


A tsunami is coming to Hawaii generated by this earthquake. I hope the best for Chile and Hawaii today. Let’s all be prepared.


math fail

Is 8 is 10x as powerful as 7 and 9 is 10x as powerful as 8, do you see why 9 isn’t 20x more powerful than 7?

i hope they finished filming the lost finale before this tsunami hits if it does


Will the U.S GOVERN-MENTE help chile like they helped haiti?? I dont think so. We’re suppose to be a bankrupt country and we managed to send 100 mill? what the fucc yo…


I don’t think you guys realize this shit, but 2012 is coming mad early because everyone thought it would be a good idea to say the movie sucked.


Who said all catastrophes have to happen at once in 2012? Gotta build up to it first.

Sounds like Chili is straight and Hawaii will be too.


Warming up the band for the symphony of destruction soundtrack.

After the past year, i’m fairly sure that the Earth is seriously tired of our shit. Looks like the next world war will be against, well, the world.



thanks rsigley i dont have to post that but yeah 8.8 is 80times bigger than 7. but that could also be a math fail lol


The scale works exponentially.


im praying for your family man…


According to CNN it is 800-900 times stronger than Haiti.


Okay that video wasn’t interesting, but still you’re all WRONG. EAT IT SRK!


16 hours later and we’re stil having aftershocks. Death count is at about 150 right now. Some old, small coastal towns near the epicenter got completely wrecked. I’m hoping that fellow SRKers in Australasia/Polinesian regions get through without big trouble, I got in the news that the tsunami already hit New Zealand and it should be in Hawaii in 1 hour, so watch out, guys!

Also, sent a PM to HeavyD, I’m waiting for him to contact me to see if I can get in touch with his family.


Whoops, I realize that now.

Funny I never said that you were wrong. Notice I didn’t use “destructive” intentionally…

Again, my mistake. Was a bit tired.