8-bit bomberman painting

OK, it might actually be 16-bit, but anyway, I guess this is my first attempt at fan art. Getting all the pixels accurate took so much longer than I thought it would and it’s still not perfect. But what’s painting without a little imperfection? I wonder how difficult it is to see it though, I showed a non-bomberman-fan and I had to explain what it is and wait for the “oooh.”


That’s pretty rad dude, keep up with that!

Very cool stuff, did you mask off parts of it for the edges are just paint them straight on? I have never tried a old school painting like that. You got me wanting to go buy some more canvas now :woot:

Thanks =)

That one, which is why it took much longer than I thought it would.

You have more patience then I do, but that attention to detail makes it that much more impressive.