8 Bit & Up IV: Civil War 1/15 Results


Surprised we has a nice turnout of 24 people… Mr. Landon and Poeta duked in out in Grandfinals with Kev comming out on top… This tourney had a real wierd bracket in that a lot of people ended up eliminating their buddies and comrads which is why this tournament got named Civil War. Thx again to all who showed

1.Dieminon (William H. Guile)
2.Poem (Boxer)
3.DMG Insyane (Blanka)
4.Red Ranger (Blanka)
5.CapMaster(Sagta),Grey Ranger(Ryu)
7.SKSKSKSKSK(Rose),Spab(El Fuerte)
9.Phire(Cammy),Bosnian(Guy), Wayne(Blanka), Mark(Sakura)
11. Valeraxiel(Gier), Glitch(Rufus), Fuerte, Zeichieck(Boxer)
13. Ultimizer(Dee Jay),X-mas, The Haitian(Makoto), Mega Man Steve(Akuma, ?)
15. G.I. Joe, Pan, Winrich, OPJ