8 button hate?

This is a newbie question so I’m posting it here:

Why is there all sorts of hate (or h8, rather) for 8-button layouts on custom arcade sticks? Wouldn’t you want an 8-button layout for Neo-Geo/Soul Calibur based fighting games for authenticity purposes?

All around this forum I see derogatory remarks for 8-button layouts and I’m confused by it. Is it the fact that you could theoretically bind the :lp:+:mp:+:hp: or :mp:+:mk: to a single button and that is considered cheap in some way? Are people macro’ing to the “extra” buttons?

The custom stick I’m building right now is 2-player 8-button and I can’t for the life of me figure out why I would want to make a 6-button when this is going to be used for more than just CAPCOM fighters.

I prefer 6-button because its what Ive always used.
I think most people dont like 8 because 6 is like an arcade. If I ever have an 8 button stick im turning the extra 2 off.

People don’t like 8 buttons because it’s not 6 buttons.

There’s not disadvantage to having 8. In fact, one might argue that it is an advantage to have 8 since if one of the 6 you normally use goes out, just switch it with one of the 2 you don’t usually use.

I’ve done this at tournaments before. If I had had 6 buttons, I would have just been screwed.

I’ve been posting/lurking around here quite a bit recently, and I haven’t noticed much hate for players who use all 8 buttons. Now, I will grant you that this is an internet forum, so you could probably get into a passionate argument with someone about whether the sky is blue or not, but I never got the sense that it was a major issue.

Also, button binding that is allowed in the game is generally allowed in tournaments, and could be considered a necessity in some cases for players who use a pad…which is why so many players opt to use a stick instead :).

6-buttons is cooler!

hm. I always believed the “8 button is dick.” was because some players try to react to their opponent by the sound of them hitting buttons…lets say, 2 of them are disabled. (or any buttons) so if that player figures that out, he can start pressing those “inactive” buttons to throw off his opponent and punish them, thus making 8 buttons a “dick” move.

6 buttons are just classy though…unless its a 4 button fighter. lol.

Dat hairband.

I don’t really see a reason to hate 8 button layouts, just ignore the 2 extra buttons and voila, you don’t need to lose functions of the game itself - like switching pages in menus and etc - just because of two unused buttons.

This is more of an annoyance than hate. If you are used to 6 button, the extra two buttons can cause you to mistake the positioning of your fingers one row over on rare occasion. A lot of players have to waste some time assigning the far right 2 to “no function”. In some games those two extra buttons do something you definitely don’t want to do on accident. For example in Marvel 3. A mistake Dash or a Team Hyper Combo can leave your vulnerable or waste 3 bars of meter. Because many competitive players only play 2-3 games seriously they don’t care about playing some random niche games that my need the two extra buttons.

As for neo geo and soul calibur games, the buttons that would be used are LK, LP, MP, HK.
I personally never liked the uncomfortable “authentic” 4 button neo geo layout for fighters.

All that macroing buttons is training wheels and a crutch. If you rely on one button for multiple button presses, you are only hurting your execution in the long run. Operating less buttons is more efficient because you hand has to travel around less when it comes to split second button inputs. If we take it a step further, if you had 10 buttons and you set the extra 4 buttons to PPP KKK Throw and Focus, it makes it more complicated and ineffiecient to cover 10 buttons instead of just 6. You are reaching around too much when you can just press 2 or 3 buttons.

Not to mention if you ever go to an arcade, you will be assed out. That extra macro crutch button you relied on to focus attack will now be gone.

For me to not lose menu functionality I place the extra two buttons on the far right hand side of the stick.

The only time I use the 8 button layout is for SNK games (e.g KoF, Fatal Fury, Metal Slug). I play old school using the top 4 buttons.

But other than that, the 2 buttons to the side of the other 6 is just completely and utterly useless. That’s why their dick. Just sayin’.

I’ve come to install button plugs in the majority of my sticks now but I do feel people get way too zealous with this stuff.

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Meh, such small thing doesn’t concern me. I set extra buttons for multi-button presses, easier to do ultras in SF4. :smiley:

My story is 8-buttons and I’m sticking to it!


  1. Empty button press bluffs during matches. Listen to my button taps again, mother fucker…
  2. Functionality during menus. MvC3, SF4, SC4, KoFXIII, BB… all got em.
  3. Training mode options. No record/replay options for you, Mr 6-button person!

Side of the panel doesn’t cut it, either. I want them RIGHT. THERE.

I’d like to have only 6-buttons because it frees up space, but having them is nice for some things (like changing your color in Marvel:))

I always disable 2 buttons on a 8 button layout, as I grew up using 6 buttons in arcades.

But I freely admit to using disabled buttons for blank tapping when playing next to someone if I think they’re listening for inputs (or even if not honestly)

Thanks, that actually makes a lot of sense. Because of my childhood imprinting, my fingers would never want to leave a horizontal plane when playing an SNK fighter. So the idea of using a "LP/LK/MP/HK " layout for an SNK game breaks my mindgrapes. This is the layout of my upcoming stick so you can see what I mean:

I would call this a “hybrid” layout between SNK and CAPCOM. I showed this to a couple people and they scoffed at the fact that there is 8-buttons, but I figure even in 6 button games, this gives players the option to do a straight 6 (i.e. US CAPCOM layout) or a curved six depending if they want LP on the left most dropped button or the 2nd button in. I never thought that flexibility would actually hinder a player (mistaken button presses, etc.) because I don’t really “elevate” my hand above the buttons when I play, so I always innately have a point of reference.

Lol. You said it right there.

8 but i only need 6

Usually when you say something is “dick” you are referring to them being “cheap” or “an unfair advantage.” It sounds like in your example, it’s actually a hinderence, so why would you refer to having them as being “dick?” It’s one thing to say “oh, yeah they’re just unnecessary” but to say “you’re being a dick for having them” denotes some sort of “problem” that YOU have with someone ELSE having them (as expressed in other parts of this forum). That’s what confuses me.

While I prefer 6 button. Any of the hate is just bitter old cats who want to shit on peoples preferences like theirs are holier. Sorry that those extra 2 buttons ruin your day so much you need ruin others. :wink: