8 button hate?

No, it’s just a Team Tech Talk inside joke. 8 buttons = dick, so instead of saying “He played with his dick”, you’d say “He played with his 8 buttons”, or “He used a dick layout” for “He used an 8 button layout.”

It’s literally changing one word for another with no other meaning in between.

in the end its just buttons. And if someone doesn’t like the way you use em’, fuck em’.

Duckie, your empty button presses idea intrigues me. Perhaps I will go and remove those plugs and throw the buttons back in…

TBH, I use 6-button nowadays. Originally, when I played Vanilla and Super, I used 8 button and used PPP and KKK buttons for ultras. When my friends and I all saw that AE only had 6-buttons, we sorta said, “Shoot, we have to adjust.” And adjust we did.

I believe a lot of the favor for 6-buttons is perhaps rooted in the fact that custom art-users prefer the extra space. Either way, use six buttons, eight buttons, twenty buttons for all I care. As long as you’re not using any macros (as in, KKK and PPP are fine, as well as taunt, throw or focus, just no “combos” in one button press), you’re square with me.

I hate 8 button layouts with a passion. The extra two just get in the way. They are commonly referred to as retard buttons at my casuals.

d3v, would this be better suited in tech talk?

Never understood why the two extras can’t just go to the sides.

I use PPP to activate Juri U1 while having Fuhajins stored, but other than that I can’t really see a use for those other buttons; and that’s still very specific and not particulary needed.
However, I thought of binding one of the buttons to select for easier plinking (plus it allows for some plinks that aren’t otherwise possible I think?). Can anyone of the seasoned FG players tell me whether plinking is a common occurence or a SF4 specific thing?

No, it’s fine here.

The less buttons more room for artwork .

there are good reasons for having 8 buttons around, but honestly the pros of the 6 button layout and the fact that it is more true to arcade culture make it preferable to custom builders and many modders.
6 buttons allows cases to be smaller, it allows more artwork to show, you can never accidentally hit the last buttons and get unintended consequences (you also waste less time turning them off if you are clumsy like me), if you ever find yourself in an arcade or using a 6 button stick you won’t have to worry about adjusting your execution, fewer buttons to maintain, and i think it just looks cleaner. 8 buttons takes a simple a beautiful thing (the traditional SF layout) and it makes your arcade stick look like a fucking keyboard.

besides having extra microswitches and use as a fakeout button, what use does 8 buttons really have?

All of my sticks are either six button or have the last two plugged.

Haven’t had any problems.

You can never have enough taunt buttons.

(Also 8 button can be better for menus and stuff like that)

Depends on the game, in UmvC3 the training mode has so many functions that you can assign to extra buttons that you could build a stick with the L3 and R3 buttons like the stock pads have and rock out with a 10 button stick :wink: .
With the new mashing mechanic in UMvC3 I will often set the extra top button to H so my top row looks like L M H H to get some extra taps in while I mash.

I actually use 3-kick and 3-punch when I play street fighter so I like having them.

I can see a case for 8 button sticks; in Marvel vs Capcom 3, Deadpool’s taunt can be used in combos, so if you want to do a taunt combo with Deadpool, it’s near impossible without an extra button that’s not on the back of your stick.

Other than that, however, I find the extra two buttons a nuisance.


With 8, I have 3 problems…

  1. Unmapping them for games like Marvel 2, where I have to mash… and I’m not going to waste inputs.
  2. Accidentally hitting the wrong buttons…
  3. In SF games, I typically pick Blanka… Where I’ll slide my finger across the buttons for electric sometimes. Hitting that extra button fucks that off.

With Juri could you store 3 fireballs then still sweep/do specials with an all kick button? My stick is 6

No you can’t. If you hold down a button and then press a Triplebutton, the Triplebutton doesn’t send the input of the held down one.
So if you store 3 Fireballs and press KKK it does nothing. Everything else would be pretty lulz.

i use 6 buttons but no h8 for the 8.

i cant recall a time that i felt gimped while playing with 6 buttons instead of 8… and i cant recall a time that i felt advantageous using 8 buttons rather than 6. i can understand someone saying 8 buttons have advantages over 6. i would disagree because i only use 6 buttons and have always been able to compete just fine with people using 8 buttons.

6 button? making my combos look mad hard.(but dey be easy whole time son ^_^)
8 button? having H+M,L+M and L+H on hand

I don’t mind having 8 buttons although the only time I use the outside two is when playing balrog and want to charge all three kicks. But recently I have turned off the outside two buttons because I have noticed that at times my palm with accidentally strike them leading to inputs I did not want