8 Buttons for 11 Inputs, Feedback?


For a recent experimental Joystick, I chose to skip the dedicated buttons for start, select and PSX/Xbox. Instead, I wired a slide switch to the front of the Joystick which changes the function of the far right pair of buttons. In one state they are Left Trigger and Right Trigger, in the other they are Start and Select. Courtesy of Toodles Cthulhu Board, when pressed together they input PSX/Xbox.

So, do you feel this is convenient? Feedback appreciated…

The Joystick I am referring to can be seen HERE.


Definitely cool as far as wiring and hacking goes, and cheaper, less spent on buttons, but for me less convenient and unintuitive from a usability standpoint.

Anything that requires explaining makes it less easier to understand.

And what if the UI requires using start to advance and the triggers to change mode it will be difficult. Especially if the switch is tough. Also what if there is a case where you have to hold a trigger while pressing start to pick an alternate color costume or something like that.


What you said makes perfect sense, however, I feel placing any button in a section of the Joystick you can’t see implies some degree of inconvenience.


Food for thought. Maybe I’m misreading, but it looks as though when LT/RT is pressed together, it causes Guide/Home to be pressed. Say a specific game with an unintuitive button config mode comes along where for a specific move, you have to press LT & RT is pressed simultaneously. Instead of getting said move, you get the guide to pop up. Or you go to PS3 Home. Or (If for some reason, this game is on PS2/Gamecube) Nothing happens. Or, if you meant Start/Select together when switched over, in a haze of confusion, you hit that thinking it’s LT/RT. You get guide. Or in another haze of confusion, you hit what you think is LT, and pause the game. Or RT and nothing happens, or it takes you to main menu.

Now put this series of hypothetical circumstances into a tournament scenario.

IMO this is really impractical, and could cause nothing good to come about for a vast majority of people.

I honestly feel like placing buttons on the side or on the back near the USB cable doesn’t imply the degree of inconvenience you insinuate it does. First thing, it doesn’t take long to get used to the placement if you play with that stick enough. Secondly, they are placed there with a reason: to prevent accidental button presses that could pause the game.


Missing Person:

The Home/Guide button you mentioned can only be pressed when you are working with start and select. In the other position, used when actually playing, the buttons would function as normal.

That said, I do see your point and the possibility of initial confusion. Thanks for your feedback.


Well a button is really just a switch, just a momentary contact one, and since the switch to change the buttons is on the back is just as inconvenient.

Like a said it is beautiful and elegant and may be ideal solution for some people, and a hindrance to others. Still get props for innovating. i also like the dimensions of the stick.


I’ve already made an image and section for my next update about doing something like this.

A switch is one way (a 3PDT would probably be better). A single pushbutton and some transistors is another way I mention.

But dang it’s taking a while to get this stuff done.


One thing that could be done is this:

The 6 main buttons work as usual but when activating another button stuck on the side, 3 of them would be START or GUIDE or BACK. Think of this extra button as a SHIFT key.
Implementing this with a happ style button (with 3 pins, one normally open, the other normally closed) would be a piece of cake. It would be more difficult with a japanese style button, probably with some extra electronic wizardry involved.