8 face button usb gamepad?

i was wondering if anyone knew of an 8 face button usb gamepad? i know there’s gotta be a decent one out there. i need 2 rows of 4 buttons.

I don’t think there is any (but who knows, there’s lots of weird controllers and sticks out there, as shown in the “worst stick”-thread…), but I wanted to post just to ask… Why? :wonder:

this is going to sound stupid, but i occasionally play online poker with an hrap. and 8 main buttons is optimal for me, so i can bet four different pot size percentages, and then fold, check, call, bet. and i use the d-pad to go up/down 1 big blind. its really a fun way to play hold em.

I don’t remember seeing any lately. I used to own a Thrustmaster that had 8 face and 4 shoulder–I loved that thing.

Couldn’t you just use the shoulder buttons?

Otherwise, I once tried to play Guild Wars with a pad(not recommended)… And since you have 8 skills but only 4 face buttons, I configured JoyToKey so that when I held down one of the shoulder buttons the face buttons switched function from skill 1-2-3-4 to skill 5-6-7-8.
Maybe something like that? Different bets on face buttons to start with, but when holding a shoulder(or whatever) they turn into those other actions.

Yeah, why do the buttons need to be on the face?

an alternative would be
4 buttons on face
4 directions on d-pad as buttons

use analog stick to control directions


4 buttons on face
2 start and select buttons
2 analog stick depress buttons

this would be the closest to gettin 8buttons on the face (that i’ve come across)

6button gamepad
both analogs can be depressed as a button
(it also has a start button)


Problem solved. :wonder:

damn thats mad buttons. thanks all.