8 on break results

1st Josh - msp NY
2nd Isaac - msp Maryland
3rd Edward - mss/row
4th Mike (infinite) - Row
5th Nelson NY
5th SkiSONIC

ahh…i beat josh sent him to losers got owned by isaac winners finals josh beat me takes 2nd and beats isaac two sets to take 1st…WE dEFINITLY running that sht back next week…Well good shit everyone thnx for comin… maybe philly shows up this time huh???

Good shit Josh. I guess it dosne’t matter that Isaac won the 50 since Josh won 2 sets :wow: .




MAnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn…you can call me random but josh i had you shook! :badboy: :badboy: :badboy: :badboy:

You are now the most random player in marvel. I think mike will agree with me. Damn what the fuck do you do when you play?lol. I gotta see Ed versus Jose. I dont know who to bet on.

BET IT!!! $25 4/7??? BET IT!!! BET IT!! BET THAT SHIT!!! :devil: :badboy: :badboy: :devil: :devil: