8 on the break 7/14 tourney results


1st. Dr.Chaos (Ken,Sakura)
2nd.Demon Hyo (Blanka,Chun,Rose)
3rd.Henry Cen (Honda,Balrog,Dhalsim)
4th.Liston (Sagat)


I got my revenge on emblem lord hehehehe ^_^*

Upset of the night Marn(viper) sent to losers by Liston then peaced out by Rick Mears (Balrog) Marn(Sagat/Rufus)

I beat chaos 2-0 in winners ^_^*

Me and chaos did a random select grand finals, we stuck with sakura and rose ftw! To clear up the confusion cause people kept wondering… I was in the winners but me and chaos had to leave so we did a 1 game grand finals with random select characters which was pretty fun lol. It was probably the closest match of the night cause we both had one pixel with sakura and rose at the end and he got the last hit off lol. Pretty funny match cause we had no idea what we were doing lol! Good times though…


gj chaos. sakuras good right?


Gs rick.

Way to go team philly.


good shit liston, good fucking shit.



Goddamn I need to train.

I’m so ass at this game.


Yeah shes like a Mini Ken :shy:


I need to stop losing to Sagat players. I take too much trade damage and then lose by pixels.

Also, the jersey department of transportation needs to quit messing with me. I left the break last night only to find that the road I take home (278 South) was closed for construction. I spent an extra half hour just driving around lost cause I forgot my gps. I wound up at Rutgers somehow and managed to get home by taking Rt 18. Pricks did the same thing to me two weeks ago when they closed the road that let you on the the parkway. But that time I drove through the road blockade and had to weave big construction trucks who thought I was crazy as hell. Lucky the cop who was stationed to block the entrance was asleep in his car.


gg Dr. Chaos… Let me know when ur online so we can get some games in b4 evo…


If you are the Bison player you should have your links down pat.

That’s just training mode son. You shouldn’t be missing combos.


Yeah I do an hour of training mode everyday. What I need to do is stick to one stick. I have a harder time nailing links on my PS3 SE stick. I can do them perfect on my 360 TE though. However I dont have a ps3 to practice on.


I wanna come to these but I’m afraid that I’ll get paired up against a bad matchup for Honda early on. Of course there are no excuses for losing, but it’s frustrating to face a Sagat or Dhalsim matchup and get peaced out early, lol. Either way I’m not that good.

Congrats to the placers.


GS too all the players!!!


It double elimination. You can always fight it out in the losers bracket.


The only way to get better is to play don’t worry about losing. Learn from it.


Yeah, you’re right about that.

Unfortunately Tuesdays are a bad day for me so I doubt I’ll be actually be able to make it until a month or two. Are you guys there on any other days just for casuals?


Not too surprising. The SE’s are made of inferior parts.


No I modded mine. The difference is in the parts. On my Te I use sanwa buttons but on the Se I have semitzu buttons. The sanwa offer less resistance so I have gotten away with lightly tapping. The semitzu require more force so what happens is sometimes I miss the link because I did not press the button hard enough. I should change the buttons.


Are the complete results gonna be posted? I was gonna attend this, but I had stuff to take care of before Evo.


Nah. Full results never get posted.


He is too lazy to do that :D:smokin: