8 on the break 7/21 tourney results


16 Entries - A breather after EVO

1st. Rahsaan - Sim/Seth/Bison
2nd. I am Elias Cyborg Cop - Sim/Sagat
3rd. Frantastical Transisco - Sagat/ Rufus
4rd. Ryder - Abel
5th. Best In the US KDZ - Rufus/Abel
5th. Some scrub - Sakura/Akuma

my bad lol…




Quotes can I add you to my xbox live friends list? I want to play that sakura match up again against my bison to see if I can make some headway in this match up.


sure thing my tag is listed


wish i wasnt busy when this happened …


My name is rahsaan quotes. Horrible mispelling lol


hey quotes whats the best way to keep up on when tourneys at eight are gonna be for fighter. I always hear last minute and wanted to get a heads up


its every tuesday.


gg… Rahsaan…