8 on the Break Weekly #47


Another great tourney from the break.

1: Rahsaan (Zangief, Gen, Honda)
2: Ryder (Abel, Ryu)
3: KDZ (Rufus)
4: Dizzy
5: Jiyuna
5: Chemist4Hire
7: Wetbucket
7: JSZombie
9: Rain Maker DR
9: HackerMike
9: Darth Arma
9: DemonEyes
13: Bibulus
13: Dave D
13: Dom
13: Diego Umejuarez
17: The_Laziest
17: KillaBee
17: Meyhem


P.S.A Rahsaan finally got a main. Cannot muster the appropriate words for the amount of awesome that is Hakan.


Again NY came over and robbed New Jersey for their spot again. Players from NJ can’t hold their fort down. 1 man army for NY.


I love how NY talks shit behind a few players. Unless you’re coming out to tournaments or playing the game yourself please shut your mouth. Come to the break and donate to the pot, fool.


Angry NY Pot Monster is…ANGRY!!!



For serious though good job Dizzy.


I am slipping. I need to start playing more than just once or twice a week. Responsibilities are turning me into a scrub. I am going to start wearing a sign that says “I play Bison, feel free to jump in on me anytime.”

Also I never understood getting hype over someone else’s accomplishments. Stream monsters and dick riders need not comment on what happens at tournaments.




Ryder with the REAAAW TAWWWK!


networkingyuppy aka pubic hair, he stays on your nuts


Alright KDZ, I’ve already knocked the burgers outta your mouth. XD
Apparently there’s no unity among NJ players and yes, I’ve been to 8 on the Break tourneys and many other tourneys Ryan2df.
Can’t say shit now can you kids?


yo nj got drama?

baby steps son, baby steps…


yo damn people on blast ?


I’ve never even seen your name in the results at a break tournament? Was it in the pot bonus section???


you know networking yuppy is Ben Fong right?


fuck all of that

Jiyuana is trolling the shit out of you people and I missed it.



damn I didn’t get last place? haha. I knew i was throwing my money away in a sense but i had my fun, RYDER got that cheesestake abel on lock. didnt think honda could pull that shit off vs your abel, shit was tight though.


1: Rahsaan (Zangief, Gen, Honda)
2: Ryder (Abel, Ryu)
3: KDZ (Rufus)
4: Dizzy
5: Jiyuna (Nanaya, Ragna)


hey fran why dont you mm ben fong like you were gonna mm ds after talking all that shit about him


Actually I would MM just won’t be the biggest MM in history and it depends on which tournament he’s at.

Also I didn’t know you became a troller??? :razz: