8 Red and Dark Hai Sanwa OBSF-30, Ball Top SOLD

Well I bought two sets of sanwas to get black with red plungers and these are left.

8 Red with gray plunger Sanwa OBSF-30



These are red not orange or vermilion it’s just bad lighting.


It’s that red.

Also including a dark hai(Gray)Sanwa Ball Top and two grey Hori 24 mm Start and select buttons.

25 plus shipping negotiable. Paypal only.


They actually look good. I’m doing the same with some happ buttons and sanwa buttons but with black rim and white plunger. Good luck selling them.

Damn. If I saw this a week ago I would’ve bought 'em up. I just got my buttons in last week and I don’t want to replace them so quickly :frowning:

Thanks. I was almost tempted to buy another set to get red with black plunger but I slapped myself instead lol.

haha, good luck selling these.

i’ll take them. you’re in socal right? i live like 5 minutes east of l.a. in alhambra. i’ll be at denjin today for the ranbats. if you’re going to be there i can just pick them up from you at denjin.

if we can’t set up a local pickup i’ll just paypal the money over.

edit: i’m heading out right now so i won’t be able to check if you reply. i’ll pm you my number so you can just call if you’ll be at denjin.