8 way = 8 corners?

There is a moron GGPO player insisting me that 8-way gate means 8 corners. AFAIK 8-way means 8 directions so once the square gate (4 corners) allows you to reach all directions, both square and octo are 8-way gates! Am i right?

Otherwise i am the stupid one on this link: youtube.com/watch?v=82Z7TPC1L_E

IMO you’re right, dude.

Doesn’t matter if it’s a circle or dodecahedron gate - if you can get 8 recognised directions out of it then it’s 8 way.

8 way means 8 directions, not 8 corners.

LOL. First snoop, and now this. Aye…

Was his name SnoopDogg of that wired PS3 Dual Shock thread?

Thank you!

An 8-way stick means it can register 8 directions.

He’s probably just thinking about an octagonal restrictor plate. That does indeed have 8 corners. Just like the square restrictor has 4 corners. The circle restrictor has no corners. Yet all can be used on the 8-way JLF stick. The square restrictor can make the 8-way JLF act like a 4-way stick if the restrictor is rotated.