8-way gate for HRAP EX-SE?

A 4-way gate comes with the LS-32 seimitsu joystick and I have not been able to find an 8 way gate that will work with it. Does such a thing exist? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


The only replacement restrictor gate available for the LS-32 (and LS-32-01) is a main circular gate.

Most part supplier vendors sell this gate.

The only way to fit an 8-way gate onto the LS-32 is to mod the 8-way gate made for the Sanwa JLF joystick. Its part model number is GT-Y. Also available through most vendors…

thanks for the reply, I appreciate that this has been driving me crazy for a while now. also I am assuming that the circular gate for the ls-32 just screws right in?


But you have to unscrew the subguide first before you can take off the main (square) guide.

Then, screw on the new round guide and screw on the subguide on top of that.

I haven’t seen the mod for the 8-way gate for a while, but I imagine you have to take off the Seimitsu restrictors and leave them off the LS-32… You’d have to align the GT-Y with the joystick and figure out where to drill new holes in the GT-Y’s outer frame to screw that onto the LS-32 body.

I haven’t done this myself and frankly don’t want to. In some ways, it’s more convenient to mod a JLF than it is an LS-32… The only mod I’ve done with the LS-32 besides installed a half-spring is modding the JLF shaft cover (part number JLF-CD) to fit onto the LS-32. That prevents corrosion of the metal. The JLF shaft mod is very easy to do.

I can play with both joysticks myself but have a preference for the LS-32-01…

Man, you guys are mixing up 4-Way to Square and 8-Way to Octagon.
4-Way does not equal Square, and 8-Way does not equal Octagon.

SFSoldier, your Seimitsu is already 8-Way.
SFSoldier, there is no Octagon you can buy for the LS-32(-01).

And here is what GeorgeC talking about with GT-Y.

I was doing a quick check fit of the octo-gate (GT-Y) on an LS-32 joystick Monday and found out it will work with a modded LS-32. By modded, I mean an LS-32 with the original C-clip replaced by an E-clip. I used 3/8" E-clips in my LS-32’s; other people say 3/16" E-clips, work too. I went with the 3/8" because I tried the 3/16" E-clips and it just about got bent out of shape. I think over time the slightly thicker 3/8" E-clip will hold up better.

(C-clips are a horrible a piece of hardware that require specialized tools to remove and re-install them. They tend to lose strength after 2 removals and are hard to squeeze back into shape. If you’re going to do spring mods, you might as well pitch them and replace them with E-clips. E-clips are easy to find at good hardware stores like Ace and True Value and and are easily removable with precision/small flathead screwdrivers.)

Back to my main point… With the E-clip in place, the LS-32 appears that it will still travel properly along the detents in the octo-gate and rotate 360 degrees with no problem. Of course, the original gates cannot be kept on the LS-32 and you have to be very careful about drilling the new holes for the original main gate (LS-32, square restrictor) screws in the JLF restrictor. This is NOT like the T5 mod where the drill points are obvious. You have to measure carefully and mark the drill points before the gate mod otherwise you will ruin a perfectly good gate holder. I would definitely drill the holes without the the inner octo-piece locked in so that at least that piece is safe if you make a mistake…