8-way gate on HAPP/iL Competition Sticks


Has anyone had success/failure/experience with installing an 8-way gate on a iL Eurostick (HAPP Competition)?


Why? By default the Happs stick supports 8 directions and there is no true restrictor gate other than the square shape that the micro switches create, combine that with a square actuator its almost like using a circle gate with a circle actuator. And you still can feel corners.

I think it still is possible, but you need a drill to make holes for what ever gate your using.


I was under the impression that there were no “corners” on the competition sticks… you can feel the clicks of the microswitches (assuming they’re weighted high enough) but that the competition sticks feel like a “circle gate”. Am I wrong?


It feels like a circular gate because there is no gate. I’m staring at the bottom of an iL competition. If someone wanted to make a gate for this it would be elaborate and impractical. They’d have to redesign the actuator.


fyi, there is a way you can get a square gate type feel on happ / il comps and alike to make them hit the corners if you replace the original cherry microswitches with ones that you would find on an LS-33 and LS-55 to be exact. Or just add those type sized levers to your cherrys.


The only restrictor plate I’ve seen for Happ/IL


Have you tried it?

Also, it says it’s for the Happ “Super Arcade Joystick” not the “Happ Competition.” Do you think it would be compatible?


No I just remember running across it when looking through groovys store