8 years of amazing Virtua Fighter 5 FS moments

This is such a great game!

This series been in open beta fo like 30yrs bro

Edit: 25yrs

First, the series made its debut in 1993, which makes it 25 years since the start of the franchise. Also if this series has accomplished as much as it has in open beta, then every other fighting game franchise has never reached the beta stage.

Personally, I have had 13 years worth of amazing Virtua Fighter moments. However, outside of El Blaze beating Dural in outer space and asking how he could get down from there I am afraid this revision failed in everything I hold to be Virtua Fighter. I don’t even consider it noteworthy in the franchise as Virtua Fighter 4 and 5 vanilla offer so much more. I occasionally feel the need to replay this title to see whether I overreacted to the novelty of all the stupid shit in this game, but it is unmistakably the biggest downgrade in the franchise’s history.