80 bucks for 3 hours in Pleasanton, CA 7/11 - 7/14 if you have the time

hey fighting game players, one of my friends in Market Research and currently looking for playtesters for an upcoming fighting game.

you get 80 bucks to go in, sign an NDA, and to say your opinions on the new game. easy peasy.

hope yall can make it!


shit i just realized this is Evo weekend. i’m going to see if they can open up other dates.

I applied since I don’t have shit else to do…

damn joe you ain’t going to evo this year?

Just wondering, would you show up to one session or all four days? If it’s multiple days, is that $80 per day or flat?

one session. 80/day, but you can only do it once. can’t milk this for all it’s glory.

you ain’t going to evo neither? :frowning: