805 Stand Up!

List any games you play and when and were your able to play. There is a bunch of us who travel to denjin to play, we can set up car pool and home torneys and shit like that. Last time at denjin there was 2 carfull of peeps, from oxnard playing at denjin. We should start organizing a group and practice till we get blisters. My home is pretty much open when im not watching my daughter. Since electric Ave died there hasnt been a community, we need to rebuild that shit. We should practice every game, i only have 2 tvs, 1 xbox hori ex2, 1 custom ps2 stick, street fighter anverisery edition for xbox, so you will need to bring a ps2 or dreamcast if you have the sticks and shit. We need more competetion then the weekend practice that we are getting in, if we want to get good. My idea is home torneys for gas money to Denjin or FFA and we go friday or saturday.

Games I play for real:


Games i enjoy playing:

All guiltygear (blazblue)
MVC2 (i suck)
ALPHA 3 (SUCK but its fun)

Hit me up if your interested. (805) 612-9224 ask for Daniel J (say your from srk
) Real name or handle.
We should get the ball rolling now SFIV is out in less then 2 weeks.
We need to get this big. We need something like a city vs city format, 3-5 best playesrs, “Home” and “Away” games. If we really want to get good we should be serious about this. Treat it like its a real sport, I Think this is a big step in the right direction for us who dont have an arcade close to us to get good comp, new friends and a good time. BTW im in camarillo i know there are a bunch of peeps there that play 3S and marvel.

Hit me up!