808 Hawaii MVC3 thread GAMAZ!


WUT UP! JCMoney here!

I’m back here again gamaz!! GET SO DAMN HYPED UP MAN!

It’s the game we are waiting for…I’m still waiting here…MAN I WANT IT NOW!

Can’t wait for some tournaments! Let’s have some feed back!

Post up man! I can’t believe dis game is coming out, it’s a dream…I’m like dis right now…:wow: LOL! OKAY! LET’S DO DIS!

808 Hawaii MVC3

Whooooooooooo!!! Lets get hype!!! Hope to see all the OG’s as well as some new faces playin this shizzle. GG’s today JCMoney and Golden Nizmor!!!


This thread is gdlk!


SAY WOOT! Rawbzilla! GG’s man, hells yah, I’m gonna be all over dis game!

Dagger_G: Wut up!? Man!


Zilla, come attend the last MvC2 tourney next week Friday!


10 more years of madness, lets gooo!!!


Sup Wang yeah i’ll try to support. I told Nizmor about it and he might come too. I’m ass at that game now though. :frowning:

I’d kinda like to learn SSF4 if you would be so kind as to give me some pointers lol.

Wazzzup Blacksmaru. Long time no see son.


Sup rawbzilla,add me on live if you got room, let’s get some games in when mvc3 drops!


Its good to see all the OGs in this newly made thread. I had to reregister so I got a new account. Wang, where is this tourney gonna be? I gotta rep my godlike iron man LOL.


Wang: Have you decided on which venue will be hosting this MVC2 tourney? I’m so free but will still enter because MVC2 is gdlk like that. I need to rep my 2001 team (Watts) just because I can’t play MSP. :nunchuck:

If anyone is up for some games (MVC2 or SSF4 and MVC3 when it drops), just add me on XBL or PSN. I’ll be on tonight for XBL.


Well I just found out that im getting reassigned to work at Pearl Harbor, i’m in Cali now and just wanted to see what the fighting game scene is like in Hawaii. Do you guys met at each others house, arcade, LAN Center? Whats the tempo out you guys way.


Make sure we tell Young to bring Money Man in a headlock to the tournament.


Aiea location, Feb 11 and starting at 9 pm.


oooh, hopefully street date is broken that day, can sample some mvc3 action on the side…


Yoooo hopefully PSX gives us word on when TNJ’s breaks it. I’m already willing to sit in traffic to drive all the way to Kaimuki to pick it up just like SSF4 (remember that? LOL).


true dat, just waiting for the go ahead and im there lol


mvc3 is look’n promising! just gotta give it a shot, I just hope it don’t play like that TVC bullshit! or else i’ll have a nice coaster for my 7/11 colt 45.

and that tourney next week, I’m interested only if the “heavy hitters” come to the event.

I don’t want to bring my polish slam-a-mander to a vienna sausage squabel! :rofl:

and this is for those techy’s, i finally have some custom made 20 grams microswitches to replace the cherry micros which are no longer made by happ/cherry (kwja’s which are 75 grams of force). new switches are soft as jap sanwa buttons & expected mechanical life cycle of 10million clicks niggas. these micros are for American buttons. i’ve been on them past week online xbl results=nice!


Oh snap wattup nz! I hope mag/storm/sent isn’t too broken although sentinel looks more broken then before, I still need a cable replacement aka a mufucca with a big ass gun! Haha


pick that sponge bob looking mutha fawka for your cable replacment! :rofl:


What up golden nz. Wondering if you can revive my stick for me and possibly tune it up. I’ll pay whatever to make it up to par with a mas. Need to get it in working order b4 the return of sentinel.