808 Hawaii MVC3


I just wanted to start a MVC3 hawaii matchmaking thread seeing as how the facebook group and the other hawaii thread is dedicated mostly to SF4. This is a last effort in trying to find some other dedicated marvel competition in Oahu before I resign myself to Xbox live madness.

I just moved to waialua and would like to find others who are in the area and maybe get some practice sessions going. So just post on here or PM if you want to get things started.


I’m just gonna leave this here, not that I play MVC.


We also had a few MVC3 Tourney’s but it’s been a while. At some of our random sessions someone will usually have a station or two for MVC also.


right on man thanks for the bump. gonna commit to one of the tourney’s one of these days


I live in Hawaii…For the moment anyway. Should probably get together for matches.


names nick, looking for players. hit me up 5615304 if you got game


There is a lot of places to play marvel in town but there is nothing around pearl city other then odo land


Event info for the tournament tonight.