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EVO 2004:

If you are planning to go to EVOLUTION please post in the 808 evolution thread so we can get a proper head count.

For those of you that don’t know every fridays there is fighting game club meeting at UH Manoa. This club ussually has MVC2, CVS2, and other various fighting games ranging from TEKKEN to SOUL CAL to GGXX. It currently is also trying to put together some tournaments and some other things so I highly recomend checking this out. Its free your first time then from there you can pay $15 for 1 year membership or $3 per visit. This $ goes to the club funds to help purchase public mas sticks for everyone to play on. For more information Check out the UH Fight Club thread.

If you got a complaint , a suggestion or curious about whats going on at Hawaiian Brian Billards check out the EZ Board forums. They have a section for game request and feedback.


04.09.04 - Hawaiian Brian’s: Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Tournament (Entry: $5.00, $7.00 on day of; Start: 7:00pm)

04.23.04 - Hawaiian Brian’s: Guilty Gear XX Tournament (Entry: $5.00, $7.00 on day of; Start: 7:00pm)

04.30.04 - Hawaiian Brian’s: Capcom vs. SNK 2 Tournament (Entry: $5.00, $7.00 on day of; Start: 7:00pm)



Couple random thoughts and ideas I wanted to throw out there.

  1. APEX:

A few people been asking me whats up with apex? Well it does work. The reason you dont see results is because A. I dont get the results after the tournaments like I used to. Someone usually snatches them up and I don’t get a copy so I can input anything if I don’t got a result sheet. B. Lately no ones been showing up for tournaments and they have been canceled. I plan to start inputting all tournaments and getting our apex going again. This means all UH tournaments and HBB tournaments. Even if its only 8 people I plan to input them starting with this Fridays HBB tournament. UH tournaments also will be inputted into apex.


If you plan to go be sure to let others know if you want to room or fly together as a group. There is a thread for this so check it out.


I am surprised the UH club isnt more busy then it is. I think one of there meetings was a big hit then since then its kind of hurting. Since EVOLUTION will be on CONSOLE, I really suggest everyone comes out and supports the UH club. Its only $3 per meeting or $15 for the whole year. Come on guys, this is a drop in the bucket compared to the cost of going to EVOLUTION. DONT BE CHEAP. I paid $10 for my dues and clearing the other $5 this Friday. I know a few others also paid the full $15 to. The $ goes to MAS STICKS which everyone can use. The purpose of the club is to expand the scene and help new players as well as older players raise there game to the next level. I really hope to see more people showing up to these meetings. There worth while and its for a good reason. If you got any questions about the CLUB feel free to ask.


I noticed a lot of the tournaments lately have been canceled and a lack of player interest. Anyone here can fill me in on the reason? Is it the times of the tournaments? Cost? Do you want a higher entry fee for bigger prize $? Or lower entry Fee for less prize money? I think we all need to start showing up for tournaments. I plan to enter the MVC2 tournament this Friday. I suck at MVC2 and only play it for kicks but hey its only $5 freaking dollars, I spend more on soda in a day then this. So I suggest trying to help out and enter the MVC2 tournament / CVS2 tournaments / what ever tournaments if you can. EVO is coming up and everyone that plans to go could use the practice.


I am going to push to see if Brians would be interested in bringing back Street Fighter 3 Third Strike. I hear some people want it back and I think I might have a solution for it. But if youre going to cry for 3s then please support and show that you want it. I am also going to push for Super Turbo or Street Fighter 2 Anniversary Edition to come to Brians. These 2 games will be at EVOLUTION and I think people could use the practice. I also think some of the games need to be reshuffled. The playing conditions suck for certain games and there locations I think do more harm then good.

  1. NEW SITE:
    YK808 is working on a site for the UH flight club. The overall goal is to throw up Hawaii match videos, player profiles and other things of that nature. So stay tuned. I saw the layout so far and IMHO it has a nice feel to it. No word on date of the site but I will keep you updated.

For those planning to go…

“04.09.04 - Hawaiian Brian’s: Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Tournament (CANCELLED)”

Check the top of the ezboard forum.

Oh that suckin fucks:D

Ooooo, brand new pretty thread for the HB losers! Cool.

Yes SUPPORT THE LOCAL UH GAME CLUB! Show up next friday! Well, check the UH thread for when and where cuz i ain’t sure yet.

And whats with these canceled tournaments?! Though i gotta admit, i couldn’t make the last one…

3s machine back at Brians would be nice. But… quarter ST or AE would be dope.

Interest here is dying. Tim, invite them lounge lizards to the club to play. :stuck_out_tongue:

all of the tournys get cancled… nobody show’s up n shit i say we just schedule a 5v5 :smiley: cuz i want to get in some practice before evo… and every time i go to brians nobody is there xcept rob:bluu: and thats irritating… but its just a thought

Rob is cool

How are we going to show support that we want 3s back?!

matt u spelt billiards wrong again.

Hey folks, do any of you guys still play CVS 2? If so, when and where.

I am not that good, but would like to donate my money to getting my ass kicked by you guys.

Ill have more on this later tommorow.

Don’t hate.

Go back to gunbound tweaker.


PSX: Good games you bastard.:smiley: Mumbles something about snow:bluu: You’d better watch your back…I hear those Triads are out for blood! That guy wanted to fucking rip you to pieces!:lol:


Taunt into super is 2 good in KOF. I gotta use it more .

…couldn’t help it. llllll hopes everyone is practicing for the upcoming ggxx tourney, offering more than only blue cancels to the table. game 0n! “the pussy or in the mouth, that is the question?!” - illmatical

i own you wit sol nigggga upper cut all day

04.23.04 - Hawaiian Brian’s: Guilty Gear XX Tournament (Entry: $5.00, $7.00 on day of; Start: 7:00pm)

04.30.04 - Hawaiian Brian’s: Capcom vs. SNK 2 Tournament (Entry: $5.00, $7.00 on day of; Start: 7:00pm)

My advice register ahead of time , my gut instinct says if he sees no names he cancels it. Just my theory though.

garantee gonna get canceled

If anyone wants to see two CvS2 casual matches between Ino vs. French Players, and a match with Daigo vs. Evil (a europian Evil, that is), then here’s the link. The links to the vids are on the top of that page. They are all casual matches, but I think it was during the time of a huge europian game tourney, Absolution.