808 Hawaiian Brian Billards

Yea I seen those vids, the match vs evil shows even daigo gets hit by roll supers.

:lol: And not just ANY super, a fucking Raging Demon.:frowning:

Eh guys sup, I came over to Hawaii in Sept. and crashed with Brian and the crew. Johnny has been telling me that your guys tournys have been gettin canceled left to right because of lack in interest :frowning: . That really sucks. Just wanted to say I might be commin down again before Evo for like a week because I have some matches to settle amongst a couple of people :smiley: . Hope you guys have a tourny then. Also, hope you guys start having tournies again. Thanx.

-See Ya!!!

Hmm I think I played you. Didnt you play K groove and I think A or C I forgot wich groove? You also put your token on the cabinet to indicate you were next right?

If so then yea I think I remember you.

nobody post here anymore LOL

Good point.

Anyone here ok with a 5 on 5 CVS2?

I was thinking of the top of my head

DJB, Jeff, Tru, Yk808, insert player here…

Japanese style or American Style

$5 a person just like we did the first one.

Anyone down?

Maybe we can do this next Friday May 14th, or Sat May 15th. Gives people time to practice and plan team strats.

Possible Grude Match

I put $20 on Erikbuild … any takers?

HAHHAHAHAHHA me in a 5v5. You a funny guy psx. I’d be down though, cept, well come on, you gotta be able to find better shit than me.

My money’s on sean…

i got $5 on him too :smiley:
just wondering… do you need to be a student at UH to go to the UH fight club thingies?

no wtf…why are you planing to go down…ill play you for money bondage…ill even give you jest(odds)!!!

Brians CVS2 machine left side is fucked again. RH was going off by itself.

I wish there was a better arcade for fighting games.

I’d be down for a 5v5, but if the buttons are like that… I think people are gonna be not so happy when their button acts up in the middle of a match.

i played K groove and put my tokens up. you damn hawaiins laughed at me:( :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :lol:

PSX, what is the difference between American style 5 on 5 and Japan 5 on 5?

Ya should promote a few grudge matches, that lead up to the 5 on 5 as the main event.

American style one person sits down and plays all five players, then the next person sits down and plays all five players. This is continuous till everyone of one team plays the others. Japanese style differs in that one person can take out the whole other team. Last weeks mvc2 5on5 had pureelite beat the first four players and lost to djb13. So that meant that all blunt had to do was beat djb13 and we had four chances because erikbuild, chrisg, licious, and me did not play.:smiley:

HawaiianRyan66: Thanks, that sounds like an interesting concept. In either sense. So the CVS 2 5 on 5 from along time ago is was an American Style 5 on 5.

I like watch now, even for Marvel Vs Capcom 2. Must have been awesome to see Pure Elite on a row, and Dj B the last samurai {I love te movie} try and fight his way back.

Heh sorry about the token thing. Were not like the rest of the mainland. We feel the line system is just as good and seeing everyone sees the same faces every week we don’t gotta worry about cutting.

Every now and then we get a " Hey let me go next , I went to get tokens and …" So yea other then that the line system works good for us.

The token system has a lot of flaws and people jacking them if you get what I mean. But when we return to evo this year…we use there system.

Darn Ryan got to the explanation before me. Basiclly its what he said.

Another example would also be in team CVS2 format.

American CVS2 team style = Each player picks a char to form a team.

Japanese CVS2 team style = Each player has his own team. For a 2 on 2, 3 on 3.

But basiclly Ryan covered it.

Well seeing the DDR forums no longer has the HBB section I am going to maybe stop by Brian’s later tonight or some time during the week and let the cashier know the buttons are bad. If they work I say we do the 5 on 5 this coming saturday. That way friday night we know for sure if the buttons work or not.

Though I am a little disapointed on the HBB end , I know blunt is always down for 5 on 5 matches. But I have yet to see much support on the HBB end.

I know Tru don’t post on srk, nor does Jeff but I would of though DJ-B13 would of responded or some kind of update to let us know on his end if Tru is able to play or if he was able to get a hold of anyone else to play.

brians people even look in here anymore or what ??

me and toby fucking owned them

psx2000BC check your pm’s:D