808 Honolulu "wangb.us" Thread


The scene is big enough to have regional threads again.

Team Blunt should do the same!

This thread should encompass:

The Wang Bus
FF Market City
Funworks Ala Moana
HBB (Dead?)

Wangbus Wiki: http://wangbus.wikispaces.com

Request edit privileges by joining the wiki. Make sure I know who you are on SRK.


What time does Wang Bus open? I went by at 9pm once, but they were closed.


Shucks, maybe we’ll drive the Escalade to Mililani one day hahaha


wtf Escalade. Driving that thing to Mililani would be the entire tank already.


Banned already.


What about D. Harry.


I saw D. Harry after the tourney on Saturday at TNJ, wonder why he didn’t enter… Oh well, good for me :slight_smile:

Let’s get the Wangbus rolling!


willing to contribute Makoto to the wiki, please let me in!


I got some stuff to add to T Hawk as well, not much though.


Just requested to join the wiki, hopefully tomorrow I’ll have time to send in what I can for Ibuki.


GG’s last night everyone. Sid you were a beast! Congratulations again.


funworks is also dead now :frowning:


No reason to go till Super gets released in the arcades.


If SSF4 Fei Long was in it, I’d go.


Hey Wang
Accept my request to get into wangbus
mookmonster is me name

I get vega stuff up the wazoooo


Dont forget the beaver section.


Yes Josh is in charge of the beaver section. LOLOLOL


I don’t think anyone else is playing Adon that I know of? I’m not as good as you guys but I guess I could put some stuff on your wiki that I learn while playing with him. I’ll register in the morning or something.


@Gomi Kyle and Sid have been messing around with Adon a bit. He’s not bad. But seems only mediocre to me.

BTW, Evolution attendees need to register. Early bird ends today.


Nigel: How did you know?