80's Teen Idol actor Corey Haim dead; OD suspected


Not at all, I feel the same way. This is something people bring on themselves so nothing lost. Less teen idols is never a bad thing. Especially if they were from the eighties.

I’m pretty sure that’s not the reason most adults smoke cigarettes.

Seriously…you think they don’t know the shit is bad for them?

Edit: Anyway…i have no idea who this dude is…

jack bauer sheds a single tear for his fallen vampire brethren.

corey… story… allegory… montessori…

Eh, one Corey down, one to go.

RIP Lucas

Who was this guy. Seriously. I never watched lost boys, or atleast i dont think i did.

If you don’t understand addiction then I can see why you think this way. People with addictions don’t plan on taking 85 pills a day when they first start. Usually a doctor or friend gives them a couple pills to deal with anxiety or pain (most addicts are suffering from untreated depression). After you build a tolerance one or two pills a day becomes 5-6 a day and eventually up to a point where they can’t stop taking the drug or they go through withdrawl symptoms. Withdrawls for many drugs are not only incredibly painful (lasting for weeks) but can also be deadly. At this point they don’t even get high anymore, they have to take the drug just to feel like one of us do on a BAD day, but everything in their body (physically and mentally) is telling them to get more because the body needs the drug in order to not get incredibly sick. Only 10% of addicts are able to recover, which says a lot about the power the drug has over the mind.

Now I’m not saying their actions are excused, far from it, they still made the decision to take the drugs then made the decision to take more once their tolerance went up instead of stopping when they had the chance. In the end no one made those decisions but themselves so they only have themselves to blame. It’s just that there is a little more to their thinking than “i want to get high so i’ll take 60 valium”.

Also, this is why I only smoke pot.

oh shit, someome please tell me this wasnt the voice of donetello…

Feldman was the voice of Donatello…

nah it was feldman…we’re safe son. hes probably still got that tmnt cash to not go out like a punk. but damn corey haim is not a shocker at all…i expected this dude to go out eventually. i knew he was not making it to old age status.

And here’s the reply I was waiting for. We always have one or two when something like this happens.

Yes, I understand addiction. I have family members who’ve been strung out on shit, and watched as nobody helped them, and in some instances, enabled them. I think you missed the part where I said “I’ve seen people go through addiction”. So I’ll repeat myself. What I don’t understand is the ego that’s invovled. Everybody thinks they can quit whenever they want or that they’re not addicted. Everybody knows what drugs can do to you. A lot of times they either ignore it, or they go into it with the thought of “I’ll just try this once, and I’ll quit if I want to.” However most people simply do not have the power to quit. That’s where the ego comes in. It’s like saying “I’m not addicted to cocaine. I don’t even like cocaine. I just like the smell.”

I don’t like how in addiction people always remove the fact that at one point, before their body needed the drug in order to not go into withdraw, that this was a choice. And the choice has consequences.

I forgot that Haim was the star of one of my favorite childhood movies! Wow this really makes me sad now.

Well, one fact remains, Dan Marino is still an asshole.

/me puts pants back on

I don’t disagree with any of that. In fact I almost said everything you said in my second paragraph. In the end it IS a choice, they CHOOSE to take the drug and when they die they have nothing else to blame but themselves. I’m just pointing out there is more to their thought process than just wanting to get high.

oh thatnk goodness. Well im sure they will both go eventually. I remember catching a glimps of some special saying that they wee both into drugs when they were doing their teen “Say no to drugs” specials.

But i dont remember much of either, the only thing that stuck with me was the donatello voice… Oh and Goonies

Hahaha, great movie! Haim>Feldman


Cant find the whole clip though …