80's Teen Idol actor Corey Haim dead; OD suspected

i read “teen idol actor Corey” and automatically assumed feldman and clicked. forgot about haim. Lucas was gdlk. r.i.p.

Yeah. Lucas was awesome. What happened to Kerri green?

AFAIK she retired from acting to do “stuff.” Saw a pic of her a few years back and she actually looks quite the same.

Used to have quite the crush on her when I saw that movie.:blush:


R.I.P. When I was a kid we had a VHS of Silver Bullet and me and my brothers watched that movie a bajillion times. Sad day. :sad:

I watched Lost Boys and License to Drive millions of times on Cinemax growing up. Sad to see another 80s child star fuck his life up the second puberty kicked in.

This calls for the song “I Still Believe”

Yeah just give Hakan a sax and we’re set

you were great in Crank: High Voltage. [media=youtube]WLRK-XP_GLE"[/media]

I really liked Lucas aka “The Friend Zone Movie”. :sad:

RIP, Lost Boys is now obscure thanks to Twilight. I am more pissed at Twilight than I am at Corey Haim dying…

nah its not obscure…goth/punk girls keep that movie alive…plus it doesnt help they made a sequel a few yrs ago.

Yeah, a shitty and highly unforgettable sequel.