818 new player


looking to get better need someone to train with or someone to help me out. i play on pc.


Hey, Don’t know where in Burbank you are, but you should check out UGC in Panorama City. They even have weekly tournaments on Saturdays. I try to make it down there when I have time.


^ Thanks EcoLogic.

Hey s916sac, what games do you play?

We’ve been holding SSF4AE2012 and MVC3 Tourneys every Saturday around 5 pm with a decent turn out. We have our SSF4AE2012 regulars like Commander Jesse, Hellfyre, Vicious, JoontheBaboon, ate-0, fafu, Sanchez, and more that show up to play casuals before and after the tourney.

We also have Super Smash Brothers Melee Tourney and Super Smash Brothers Brawl Tourney biweekly on Saturday at 12 pm.

UGC is only 9 miles away from Burbank. It’d be great if you guys can show up : )

Ultimate Gaming Center
8551 Vesper Ave.
Panorama City, CA 91402
(818) 825-0054