818 Weeklies

Thinking about starting a weekly tourny in Burbank, CA. We dont have a close arcade scene around here, so I figured why not. If anyone would be interested in attending, let me know. Im planning on holding the first one in about 2 weeks. Games played would be whichever 2 of the following 3 get the most votes / support.

SSF4 AE 2012

let me know if yall are interested.

I’m down, but why not just go to ffa?

iunno, just trying to start somethin new

i’m interested. what days are you planning to run said weeklies?

most people in 818 just goto FFA but if you start weeklies let us know…we’re interested

which would yall prefer, tuesdays or fridays ?

FFA is a little far for me but burbank is just down the street, friday’s would be cool but they’re both the same for me

Shoutouts to the valley spreading out!

It’d be rough for me, but I’d be interested in coming up once a while. It’s still closer than FFA, as much as I like stopping in to get stomped there.

any casuals today?

Like the idea. I’d make it out there frequently

I am definitely interested. My friend was actually going to start tourneys in that gaming store next to the giant AMC theater. I think the store is called Game Portals or something. Anyways I am definitely interested. I would vote for SSF4 AEv2012. I will also support you by bringing an extra xbox 360 setup and SF game disc. Please make this happen! By the way I vote for Tuesdays! Fridays, I usually got things going on =/

I’m interested but you have to add 3s to the lineup…best fighting game of all time

I’m also interested. I’d be down to bring console and game discs too. Lets make it happen!

is this still a possibility? i really need some practice around my area! I would bring a monitor, xbox, umvc3, skullgirls, and sfae!

I don’t think this is happening anymore. I was told game portals will be having us play outside of the store, and Halo 13 in the Burbank Mall said they don’t have enough space. Do you guys have any other places this might work?

I asked Emarald knights in burbank if they were interested and they gave me an email to let them know what would go on and things like that, I’m gonna do that right now and let you guys know what they say

Emerald Knights is a great tabletop game and comic shop; Hope something good comes out from them!

might as well just go to ffa. Only place i can think of. I wanna level up my game!

I can still play 3S. And ST. And a bunch of other old games. Down to go.