870 damage combo with gouken

this is my gouken combo
as u can see its very good
i could have put another ex hadouken in tho

if you’re gonna show the video you just showed again but twice as slow and long. add some punch soundeffects or explosions to make it worthwhile

Very good combo video. It was a lot more entertaining watching it in slow motion.

coulnd’t you have added an extra 15 damage simply by turning counterhit on :stuck_out_tongue:

you can get an extra 20 damage, before scaling, from standing fierce instead of crouching fierce after j.hp.

o thx

The combo is cool but does anyone ever hit that full denjin on a standing opponent? It charges forever. I stay away from denjin so I’m not too familiar with it. I’m not hating on the combo or the poster, just curious.

I got it or at least pretty damn close on a blocked u1 viper

One of only two things in the game with a longer rcovery than hk tatsu lul

you can do 867 on Sagat. lvl 5 denjin, dj.mp 2 hits, NJ.HP dizzy. NJ HP ST.HP EX Senku EX fireball EX fireball EX tatsu.