8bitdo Nintendo Switch Fightstick Coming Soon


Noticed this is coming soon from 8bitdo. Basically uses the same body as their Bluetooth PC/Mac Version, as well as the Venom PS3/PS4 and MayFlash V2. That case is getting a lot of mileage that’s for sure:



Thanks for sharing though. The NES controller aesthetic is nice. If the case has plexi and uses a metal control panel I might be tempted to pick it up and mod it for PS4 since I don’t plan on getting a Switch anytime soon.


From what I understand it will also have a USB-C port on it as well. Now whether it’s just for charging or data will actually go through that when connected, I don’t know.


Wireless hasn’t been a problem since PS3 era.


Same body as Joytron Ex Revolution also. Curious to know the name of the company who makes all this stuff before it’s rebranded.

8bitdo FC30 Wireless Bluetooth Arcade Joystick pricing was fishy :
-standard edition with chinese parts had recommended price (small orders) 49USD
-Sanwa edition , for small orders … 192USD
source: http://www.hktdc.com/sourcing/company_product_detail.htm?companyid=1X08QCY2&productid=2909613&onlineexhibitionid=782719&entryPoint=9&locale=en

That’s an additional 143 USD just for a Sanwa JLF + 9 Sanwa obsf buttons, which is outrageously overpriced. Commercial ploy to discourage you to buy the sanwa edition and to buy instead their chinese clone version.


Could be the additional licensing costs of marking their sticks Sanwa Edition.
Just buy the clone version and swap parts yourself, that is the Tech Talk way.



but seriously that’s jacked up.

Is there seriously a license cost to call something “sanwa edition”? I figured sanwa would be happy for the money they got from the sale of parts used.


For the sake of comparing standard vs “sanwa” edition, let’s see with Exar.

-Exaprize USB stick Ex0029, 6 buttons (standard edition, buttons & stick are clones) : 6090Yen ( ~ 53.6 USD)
-Exaprize USB stick SANWA edition Ex0052, 6 buttons ( 6x sanwa obsf & JLF) : 9429Yen (~83USD)

With Exar, to have a “sanwa” ed, you need to shell out 29 USD extra, seems more reasonable…than a 143USD price difference as with 8bitdo.

source: http://www.exar.jp/product/products.html