8bitdo releasing new Bluetooth Genesis Controller


  • A Sega Genesis inspired bluetooth controller.
  • Compatible with Nintendo Switch, PC, macOS and Android.
  • Bluetooth and rechargeable battery.

Pre-order here


I’m guessing that these are the same as the ones offered alongside the Analogue Mega SG, but just Bluetooth (instead of the 2.4g with receiver that can be ordered with the Mega SG)?


Yeah, they do look like the bluetooth version.
I see extra buttons that a Sega genesis controller wouldn’t have.


Should be cool for the switch.


How is the performance of those Mega SG controllers?


I don’t think they’re out yet. :stuck_out_tongue:


If they’re anything like their SN30 ones, then they’ll be pretty damn good.


Anyone try the Joyzz?https://krikzz.com/store/home/52-sega-genesis-joyzz-wireless-controller.html


I have like 3 sets of the Official Sega wireless ones.


I have, the first production run had issues with a missfortmed D-pad being crooked
Swaping the D-pad for another out of a different pad or having Krikzz send you a replacement fix the problem.

The controller is 2.4 ghz and not bluetooth is a good point.
The Kirkzz Joyzz game pad used the exact same molds as every clone 6 button Genesis pad means you got a very standard Gamepad thats a carbon copy of what Sega would have made if they had 2.4ghz wireless back then. Krikzz also offer roms that can tweak the Pad. It has a Master System mode for Master System games that hates 3 button Genesis pads.


I may have to get one of each to try with my Genesis. Was thinking about getting the Mega Sg too, but the genesis looks so good with HD Retrovision Component cables. May do the triple bypass mod and see if the SG is even worth it.


looks interesting.