8bitdo SFC30 Controller & SNES Receiver


This is great, I even tried it on my Genesis using my Megaverter Adapter

Will save up for the NES30Pro & The NES Retro Receiver



I played Street Fighter Anniversary Collection on the PS2 with it & I works great

I don’t feel lag at all


What converter did you use?


Just the SNES to PS2 Converter


which one? whats the brand? can you post a picture?


No brand on it…I got it from raphnet.net


Ok thanks for the info

I was wanting to use my arcade sticks in the following chain:

six axis» snes receiver » ps converter » og Xbox converter

BUT it appears that the raphnet snes » ps converter only imitates a digital ps pad, so will not work with games that require analog to be present, so will not work with an og Xbox I suspect

Do you have an og Xbox? And a PS » og Xbox converter?

Could you check if snes receiver » PS » og Xbox works?


I got the Xbox Dream Converter

So when I hook it up, I don’t have any Composite Cables, I test it