8hit headbutt!

I have a friend that can do an 8 hit on the acrade. I was how do u do that? i tapp when i do a headbut but i can only get a 5!

It depends on how the headcrush hits them. There are several factors that can lead to a 8 hit crush. You can do it by:

-juggling the opponent on Juggs forehead in the air.
-hitting an opponent from complete opposite side of the screen.

There might be a few other factors that might start it. Also, you always have to mash like crazy.

I could go into a whole discussion about this, but I don’t feel like it. Just experiment with it a little and you’ll figure it out.

it’s the way you mash, you have to have someone that knows how teach you, it’s hard to explain , i can do 7 hits, but it’s hard to do consistently.

to my knowledge it can ALWAYS be done,

I was like wth? I thought that said “shit headbutt.” I need new glasses.

Not neccessarily true, Higher-Jin. The best time for it is at a reasonable distance from the opponent (halfway or all the way on the other side of the screen). Though being half way from your opponent and doing the HC does take some severe button mashing speed. When the opportunity to counter Sentinel’s Hyper Sentinel Force special with a Head Crush, passing through the waves seems to take away two hits from the mandatory four hits that you’d expect with the HC. So no matter how hard you mash, you’ll only get two hits with your headcrush. It’s possible to pass through Magneto’s Magnetic Shocwave special in the same way, though when’s the last time you go up against a Mag player that even bothers with it? That and the fact that trying to go through the shock wave seems a little more risky as oppossed to the Sentinel force.

8 hitter

my friend does it like this, right when you super at the peak of headcrush mash till the super ends … i can only do 7 hits but when i get the 8 hitter it brings a smile to my face only when my juggy is glitched ya know… but my friend who taught me how to mash can do the 8 hitter allday every day i gues its how you mash…

scrubkiller 4 life

8 hitter

Depends on your mashing is correct, scrubkiller. The best way for me is side to side, though I’ve actually seen people try to go forward and back on the Dreamcast controller. Side to side is the best. If you’re using the DC controller, don’t go wild with the mashing. Well yeah you do, but don’t go so far away from the buttons when you to one side and then quickly mash back the other way. I get 8-hits easy when I keep the side to side mashin g short and fast. It makes your forearms feel like they’ve just gotten a workout at the gym though.


Headcrush seems to made up of 4 sets of 2 hits each. If you’ve ever tried to DHC out of headcrush, you probably have noticed that it sometimes doesn’t work right. It seems that you have to DHC at the same exact moment that the first hit of a set happens.

For the ground version, I mash it in pulses, and it seems to work for 7-8 hits most of the time. By pulses, I mean I mash hard when it starts, pause slightly for hit 2, mash hard again, pausing for hit 4, mash hard, pause for six, mash the rest of the way out.

For the air version, that doesn’t seem to work as well, as I usually miss the extra hit on the 2nd set because the first 2 hits happen almost simultaneously. So just mash throughout if you’re juggling them with it.

8 hitter is usually done right after your opponent whiffs something big (i.e. a super). It will always go for 8 from 3/4 - full screen, and it’s tempermental when you get em to ride on juggy’s head.

On a side note…dont attempt this on a tagged in sent or a normal jump sent. He has some wierd block shit going on where he will recover after about 3-4 hits even if you are mashing for 8.

There is no special technique to the mash…just mash like crazy and watch that counter fly:D




I can almost always get 7. I just go nuckin’ futz on the controller. But damn it’s hard. As well it should be…that’s some powerful stuff.

what is the timeframe to crossover supers after juggernaut headbutt?

Example: Let’s say I do the juggernaut headbutt, and I want to switch to Ken super. Within how many hits of the juggernaut headbutt should I switch to Ken super?

how do you mash? (thumbs, fingers, tap, slide…)

I’v done 6 hits a few times

My guess is you slide as Juggernaut connects.
Of course, you can always cheat the 8-hits by tapping J. LK, J. LK, S. LP, S. LP XX Jab Earthquake XX Juggernaut Headcrush.

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