[9/02/09] 8 on the Break SF4 Weekly Results

Another exciting tourney at The Break!

1: AutoDemon (Akuma)
2: SmoothViper (Sagat)
3: Dieminion (Honda, Ryu, Guile)
4: Elias Whitney
5: Rashaan
5: KDZ
7: Andre
7: MikeInfinite
9: Aqua
9: Ryder
9: Damdai
9: Zart
13: Josh Eschobar
13: Chemist for Hire
13: Mr. Quotes
13: MarlinPie
17: JD
17: Emblem Lord
17: RandomJames
17: Hacker Mike
17: Jay_1186
17: Cose
17: SKaR
17: Frantastic
25: The Puppy Grapist
25: Chibi
25: Epigone
25: Kooper
25: dynicksty
25: Dave D

Gouki! :wink:

hmmm, very interesting…very interesting.

You forgot Dan for Dieminion.

Thanks to me. :sad:

chibi are you guys playing mbaa? if you r then ill go to the next one


Awesome job Andy. Akuma for life. Or at least for this version of SF4 :stuck_out_tongue:


2: SmoothViper (Sagat)

rotflmao!!! i kno y u laughin

At least you placed, I didn’t even win once.

I’m at square one.


Yeah I bring the game with me, it should be there next week, baring my ride of course.

is andy doing vortex with akuma now? and akuma does beat sagat imo.
in any case NICE WORK ANDY, smooth i still see you. rashaan and andre placing that low is surprising too wow

oh thats andy… haha… yeaaah… going to see those types of results a lot more often noww…

lmaof thats because moose wasn’t there… Didn’t you hear I’m the akuma killer. Philly why weren’t you in attendance?

FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIL =[ MIKE help me out in the brackets, damn!!

yeah i losts to Kevin in winners and then i losts to Rahsaan in losers and i am ok with that.
I dont mind losing to fam at all, although i was pretty pissed Rahsaan picked gief on me but its w/e.

Goodshit andy

Who? Rog players braggin about shoto matchups?:crybaby:

Also goodshit Andy!!