[9/09/09] 8 on the Break SF4 Weekly Results


Whooooooo boy, this one was exciting!

1: SkyeT (Honda)
2: Sanford (Cammy, Sagat)
3: Dr. Chaos (Ken)
4: AutoDemon
5: Rashaan
5: Elias Whitney
7: Andre
7: PhillyOne
9: Ryder
9: MarlinPie
9: KDZ
9: dieminion
13: Chemist for Hire
13: Bob Sagat
13: Red Ranger
13: Chozo
17: Mr. Quotes
17: DNA
17: Adnan
17: RoyZero
17: Crai-Z
17: Kattermari
17: Rondom
17: dynicksty
25: Hacker Mike
25: PaciFIST


GS to everyone that was there. a lot of cool ppls. I need to find my ass down there more often.

and it was dope meeting dr. chaos and dieminion for the first time. :tup:


5th place again. YAYYYYYYYYYY


Good shit top 3.

Get it together, for the dynasty…Chaos!!!


I think I got a curse with ps3 lol

can’t do short jab short links lawl!!!

P.S. KDZ sorry that i knee kciked you lol that was just a reaction against your lariat lol
I didn’t mean to kick that hard lol sorry


You’re lucky I didnt just snap you in half at the break.

…sleep with one eye open.


Take a month off, get your ass beat. Learn from me kids. Don’t do it. Stay on crack
The more you know


Good shit to the top 3, my nigga Kells repping Britain’s own fine white ass Cammy :hitit:. Don’t be salty about 5th Rahsaan :nono:. I wish I can make top 5 with Chun :sad:. Skye why so serious with the fatman!:mad:.


OMG, Adnan, u there also? u should let me know that I would come.

ALL my friends are there, I should f#cking come


dude grow up i said sorry :xeye:


wow the break dont look so free no more since i left, damn lol


yo the break is americas TRF right now. Real sandwich wrap!!


I lost 2nd round to Autodemon then came out of losers to get 2nd…GGS Skye in gfs ill be back next week for my revenge…WITH CAMMY:badboy:


i will record that shit!!!

you will inspire all the cammy players if you can beat his honda with cammy!!!


GG to all the players! Skye laying hands on everybody!!!


:nono: You should have known better not to use Sagat on a Honda player (depending on skill level). Cammy’s ass > Honda’s ass ALLLLL DAYYYYY! :cool:


Wow looks like it was a fun time… Congrats to Sanford, and all the Philly high placers. Wish I could’ve gone to get my ass kicked, but I had to tutor instead… $60/hour is hard to pass up :chat:


yo, LIKE THAT!?!?!

all you need is live stream TRF style at the break lol


I am the Cammy KING! ill do it for You buddy