9/10 Bellevue Loki's Tourney (CvS2, 3S, ST, MvC2, GGXX#R, Melty Blood)

So years later, after Street Fighter Heaven on the Ave (greatest SF arcade ever - like ~14 SF machines of various flavors), SouthCenter Silver Coin, Zones, Quarters, the Garage, Bellevue LanWerx, and Bellevue Kicks all shut down, this tourney was run on arcade machines (well, besides I think GGXX) in Loki’s apartment. Don’t even ask me how you get into this state in the arcade industry. Contrast this with MLG’s Tekken 5 event in Seattle on Sunday, where 1st prize was $500… and they had 16 people show up. We live in strange times, gaming-wise. It doesn’t seem like anybody knows what the hell is going on nor where to play anymore. And if you ~do~ find an actual arcade (Tukwila Gametown, Seattle Gameworks, Issaquah Illusions, Edmonds Funtasia, Seatac Mall, Olympia Tilt, Bothell LanWerx), either a) nobody’s there or b) the cabs are broken. I don’t know. I told Ranma (who works for MLG) that people need to advertise tourneys better… tie in with the local game stores, put up flyers at arcades, etc. Because this whole gaming scene continues to be in a Not Healthy state, really. MLG I think is probably the best thing to come along in a while (yeah, really) since they actually are serious and have backing, but they didn’t really have an effective advertising practice so I know a bunch of interested people didn’t find out about their events until too late … I’m rambling. Anyways, as originally posted by Loki:

Melty Blood

  1. Vataire Graham - Veteru
  2. Michael Lee - EX Cumshot
  3. Patrick Mackey - Hiruma Ryuie
  4. Jason Min


  1. Sam Y - Fatbear
  2. Vataire Graham - Veteru
  3. Josh Ray
  4. Jason Min


  1. Preppy (Megaman/Cable/Tron)
  2. Chris Chou - Ranma0005 (Megaman/Cable/Tron)
  3. Sam Y - Fatbear (Mag/Cable/Sent, Iron Man/Storm Cable)
  4. Josh Ray (Team Runaway)


  1. Vataire Graham - Veteru
  2. Brett English - EnsengaXX
  3. Mike Lee - Korea
  4. Mike Cheung - Drgn Eclair <-- This is pretty much my favorite SRK name ever.


  1. Tony So - TonySo
  2. Chris Chou - Ranma0005 (Blanka)
  3. Vataire Graham - Veteru
  4. Konoeloki Smith - Lokis

3rd Strike

  1. Sam Y - Fatbear
  2. Vataire Graham - Veteru
  3. Josh Ray
  4. Mike Sitthideth - Yabukistyle

To my knowledge, no vids were taken. My camera was in the shop for its yearly cleaning, sorry. I put in the teams that I know were used - I wasn’t paying that much attention, though, really. :smile:

Next Loki tourney is October 15th.

Hello Mr Robinson oh where have you gone? Good shit Zach.


I need to come down for the next tourny… we’re tourny deprived up here in BC as well, but the competition at the major arcades is still decent (save JZees which sucks now that i’m not there haha).

Let us know when the next tourny is PRZ.



Mirror matches are teh ghey, I pwned Megaman vs Megaman though! Too bad you owned the rest of the matchup :sad: I’m sticking with Servebot next time =P

Good tournament everyone I had fun.

Ranma is the master of that damned leaf shield.

As much as that was an accidental mirror match (I was going to change teams, but didn’t have the chance since it was on Arcade mode instead of Event mode), it was pretty entertaining since there was a pretty good display of Megaman trickery. Ranma definitely has the edge on Trickier Megaman still. It was great to see him getting first attack with Megaman without the switch glitch. :smile:

I definitely have the edge on getting owned by Megaman.

So apparently I finished higher in Melty Blood than in all the games I actually play.

. . . Does this mean I have to start being attracted to 9 year olds or something?


I have a feeling you already are :rolleyes:

Congrats to all the winners…

MAD PROPS to FAT BEAR for reppin’ Portland Oregon…

Peace and respect to Preppy also…

And to all the peeps up North…keep that shit alive !!!



Is It Really That Juicey Babay

Good shiet Preppy, congrats on the win. What up Deus, GET THAT PAPER!

Gyeah…Somebody has been listening to SUPERIOR TEK !!!