9/11 never forget


Hai guys, its 9/11! I didn’t see a thread for this (are we not allowed to make one or something?) so here it is.

This day will go down as one of the more significant events in human history. American foreign and domestic policy underwent huge and irrevocable change since this event, and there’s no real going back. Killing Osama was fucking awesome, but I feel like it didn’t matter at that point: the terrorists have already won. They sowed the seeds of hate and mistrust that still shape USA today.



I was a senior in high school. Didn’t do shit that day cuz all the teachers were watching the news. Went to the local PC lab after to play CS and kill some Ts.


I was in college at the time, biggest concern was that I had relatives that worked in the area. Luckily the worst of it was one had to get checked out for inhaling some of the dust from the falling debris. We heard back from them all fairly quickly, so our family was one of the lucky ones.


Woke up and turned on the TV just to see the 2nd plane hit the tower…fucking unreal.
My uncle was supposed to be on the plane that crashed down to the Pentagon, but he missed his flight.


holy shit how did your uncle handle that? must have been unreal for him.


Second week of kindergarten and i just made two friends i still talk to today. I made it to school only to have our session of numbers interrupted by teachers gossiping. I didn’t know what it was until one by one, all of the kids left school. I wasn’t the last (I usually was) but by the time i left the second plane had already hit. I remember the smell of smoke that ingulfed the area, but i assumed that it was construction. When i made it home I went into the room to see a lot of smoke. I thought that it was chimney smoke becuase that happened often. But, the smoke didn’t stop after a couple of secs which was weird. I turn on the TV to what my mother previously had on it which was good morning america, I began to put the pieces together and found out that this was the “endless chimney smoke” that I had been seeing. I got scared because it seemed so close, but i was in brooklyn. I saw the smoke get intense for a second and looked at the TV (which was slightly delayed). I watched the second tower collapse. At that point I just changed the channel to Cartoon network to watch whatever they had on ( I think it was either an encore of codename kids next door or pokemon.)

Never been so scared in my life. Todays weather was simalar to then too. Was really chilling. I felt like i was going on my first couple of days to kindergarten again. what a way to start off the school year.


He was shaken up by it during that time…but was thankful for missing that flight.
Maybe that is was pushed to finally get married.


and then my dreamcast cvs2 I had preordered took a month to arrive :frowning:


I was a freshman in highschool. English class just started when we heard the news. My mom picked me up from school early and that I night I couldn’t go to sleep because I was afraid that a plane was going to crash in to my house :frowning:


I was 15 when this happened. My first class was just about to start and the principal made an announcement when the first or second plane hit the WTC. Honestly I didn’t know what the WTC was at the time since I was ignorant of things outside Canada. Went home at lunch time to watch the news and really grasped what was going on. It was a really shocking thing to see.


I was 21, a couple months form being 22. I was on my way to work, sitting in San Diego traffic and listening to the radio. I remember hearing things that didn’t make sense coming form my radio then about 3 seconds later my mom called me to tell me what happened. I looked around at the other cars and the same exact look was on everyone’s face. I did work that day, though most of it was spent in the owner’s office because he had a TV.

I didn’t actually see the video of the plane hitting until I got home that night. I remember how fucking unreal it looked, like nothing like that could possibly happen but it was.


I was a senior 8th grader in middle school. I was brought into the auditorium where the announcement that WTC had planes crashed into them. I was naive back then and was joking with some classmates and didn’t really understood the graveness of the situation until a little bit later they said another plane had crashed into the other and then they both collapsed. Traffic was completely stopped, the subway station was hardly working. My brother picked me up from school at 76th street second ave, got on the subway for a couple stops, then walked all the way home from like 50th street. The whole day was so gloomy and lifeless. My mom was at home witnessing the whole incident with her own eyes (we live on the 12th floor in an apartment downtown.) It was absolutely surreal, 11 years later and I still can’t believe something like that really happened until I walk up to the site and see the new tower.


i was young when it happened but all i remember is going into my parents room seeing my mother in tears folding laundry she also had the tv and radio on in her room i wasn’t able to understand or comprehend what happened only to find out that a plane had crashed into a building my mothers brother had worked in at the time. luckily he was alright and worked in a lower floor and was able to get out. i can honestly say that is one of my first memorys that stuck with me.


Freshmen in High School.

It all happened during my morning math class, but Í didn’t know why everyone was talking about bombs and war until the next period. The teacher had on the news, and I saw a replay of the planes hitting the tower.

I was pretty nervous after that, because they closed down Fort Hood directly afterwards.


I was in 8th grade playing handball in the gym during recess when it happened and everyone was talking about it while I said it was a hoax and tried to get my friends to ignore it and get back to the game.


I was getting ready for school and watching TV waiting for my parents to get ready. I flip the channel, saw the second plane hit, and the first thing that came to my mind was.

Woah, those are pretty good effects for a movie. What is called. A second later, some woman comes on and talks. I then realize that’s what was actually happening. After that things where not the same.

Its a shame Fishjie is correct. Things have changed for the worse since that day.


I was in my high school algebra class just as everything went down. I didn’t want to believe it at first but my teacher turned the TV on and there it was, people jumping off 50 something stories just to escape being burned to death.


Today’s the day I habitually avoid the news/politicians/etc.

If you’re in a position of authority and you have a vested interest in persuading people to be on your side, then the very act of saying anything about 9/11 is crass and self-serving. I’m sick of that shit. We all know it happened. We don’t need to be told what to think about it. There is no such thing as an innocuous news segment or political speech about 9/11, on 9/11.

I remember the first couple anniversaries, there was a lot of talk in the chat-o-sphere about whether or not any of our high-profile figureheads would have the balls and the insensitivity to politicize this day. I think it was politicized the moment it happened and it’s been humped for all it’s worth ever since. The only way to depoliticize it is to unplug from the 9/11 anniversary coverage altogether.


i dont mean to be disrespectful, but what is the point of this? i think that people that may have lost loved ones wouldnt want to hear how we were just watching tv or at school, while their relatives were dying in one of the worst ways possible. but thats just my 2 cents.


9/11, Once an American tragedy.
Now it’s the most tragically annoying day of the year.