[9/11] The Best Of The Beast Coast SF4/BB Tournament #3 Philadelphia

Where: 214 s.42nd st Philadelphia, PA 19104
(Two blocks from University Pinball Arcade)

When: 9/11 Friday

What: SF4 Singles, BB Singles

This is our new weekly tournament of Philadelphia!!!

Every last week of the month will be the tournament of the top 8 placers of these weeklies!!!

Every Single match of the Tournament will be recorded with HD quality

SF4/BB Sign up starts at 7:30pm, Tournaments start at 8pm sharp
(late comers start in the losers bracket)

If you can’t make it on time, call me ahead of time and text me your Game tag, names and location(i.e Evildrakefang, One, PA),

to 215-776-6676

Entrance fee: $10

Venue fee: $3 per head

Prize: 70%, 20%, 10% based on the pot for regular weeklies, winner takes all for the last week of the month(top 8 only)

Casual Free play starts at 4pm on PS3, Free sodas(Coke, Sprite etc)

Free play setup available for PS3

!!!Xbox360/TV donators get $5 discount for their entree!!!

Set ups: XBOX 360 only

House TV’s: 1 x 32" Samsung LCD HDTV, 2 x 22" ASUS LCD HDTV

House Sticks: Two duel moded Madcatz TE sticks

BYOC(Bring Your Own Controller!!)

You can pause the game by mistake, but if you did on purpose to mess up your opponent’s attack, you’ll get Disqualified.
(in winners bracket -> losers bracket, losers bracket -> go home :D)

No matter who you are, you got 5mins once your name is called for matches. After 5mins, you’ll get Disqualified.
(If you don’t want this, leave your cell phone number so I can contact you when your matches are up)

Double Elimination

Winners, Losers Final: Best 3 out of 5 matches

Grand Final: Best 3 out of 5 matches

Any suggestions ??


[8/28] The First Winner Takes All Tournament
Brackets and Match videos

[9/4] 2nd weekly
Brackets and Match videos

[9/11] 3rd weekly
[%203rd"]SF4 Brackets](http://www.bracketmaker.com/tmenu.cfm?tid=334986&tclass=9%2F11)
["]BB Brackets

i feel as if i improved this week.

I now realized that I can’t run two brackets and record 3 setups and play both BB and SF4 lol

I want a volunteer for BB part who can run the bracket “efficiently” and record the matches

PM me if interested plz

Sir Kanchi will be helping with BB tournament for this week

Guys the only way to get better is playing other players, face to face LOL LOL.

Step it up and get down to Ones place.

i will try to make it to this. And try to get a feel for tournaments. my name is gabe by the way

gonna attwmpt to make it this time dun knuw if i will.

? i pmed you about it too one!

kanchi did first

Drop BB for HDR if you know what’s good fer ya.


2 xbox360 setups for SF4 1 xbox360 for BB

1 ps3 for HDR

sounds good?

this week’s xbox360 supporters

Ghost Cobra and Kattermari

I know kattermari has all alternate costume and hdmi

Hey, Bryan do you have all the alternate costumes? and hdmi port on your xbox as well?

cuz Lee has been bringing his xbox but his xbox doesn’t have costume nor hdmi cable

i re downloaded costumes should be working fine. and do you need the hdmi port or cord?

Ninja Zephyr (Larry) will be coming again to get his ass whupped some more!

You behave! :nono:

Hmm I wander if I should come and hang out with my favorite Cammy player? :sweat:

Are you gonna have water this time? If not I could pick up a pack on the way to your place if you want.

Internet disconnected


see you guys tonight

need anything one? let me know.

1.Are there any prizes?
2.And I have a 360 fightpad with ppp and kkk switched would I be able to switch it before my match?
3.Is it too late to sign up or can I sign when I get there if im able to come?
4.Is Akuma allowed? ( just askin some tourneys say no)

look at the first page plz

yea I skimmed through I guess way too fast lol, but what about changing your control scheme?