[9/11] The Best Of The Beast Coast SF4/BB Tournament #3 result

SF4 Singles

1: Skyet ($100)
2: Dr.Chaos ($25)
3: Damdai ($14)
4: Uglyslob
5: Larry
5: Pete68
7: Ghost Cobra
7: Matt
9: Jon doe
9: EvilDrakefang
9: Kaizoku Mike
9: Rondomheat
13: Lee
13: Sir Kanchi

[%203rd"]SF4 Brackets](http://www.bracketmaker.com/tmenu.cfm?tid=334986&tclass=[9%2F11)

SF HDR Singles

1: Damdai ($7)
2: Dr.Chaos
3: EvilDrakefang
4: Rondomheat
5: Bad Fish
5: Larry
7: Jon doe

["]SFHDR Brackets](http://www.bracketmaker.com/tmenu.cfm?tid=334986&tclass=[3rd%20SFHDR)

BB Singles

1: Bad Fish ($7)
2: EvilDrakefang
3: Signal
4: Sir Kanchi
5: Axel
5: Ghost Cobra
7: steve

["]BB Brackets](http://www.bracketmaker.com/tmenu.cfm?tid=334986&tclass=[3rd%20BB)

BB match videos will be uploaded shortly

This is “Jon Doe” and I wanted give a special thanks to Larry and Uglyslob for ruining my night with Cammy:) Thanks to EvilDrakeFang and everyone else for having me. I will make sure to come through regularly.

i would like to say that HD remix should be called “give your dollar bill/4 quarters/10 dimes/20 nickels/ 99 pennies (yes I said 99 cause its very close to a dollar and very much like a dollar but a cent missing) to damdai”

GG to all who came out… I need to play more HD remix LOL!!!

GS everyone.

Fuck yeah Oliver, hold that shit down.

whats up with 9th One.

would you focus on hdr and bb results plz lol

philly-nine(th) =/

i gotta put larry in his place next week

heh, i noticed (i always look at hdr results)

don’t u know sf4 is the only game that matters though?



grats on higher placers than blaming lower placers lol

P.S. most BB matches are uploaded and linked to the brackets

For Blazblue match videos, click the BB bracket, click the score than click the score in the note again


Sf4, is your main game LOL LOL.

Yeah damdai make that munny.

Time for a 2nd character, Chaos. :smokin:

I totally sucked yesterday. Oh well, At least I’ve done a fair good job in BB.

should’ve tested your mettle in bb, brandon

RYU young choas.

I will teach him how to channel his Chi energy, so he can actually zone with Ryu instead of playing him like a Ken without fireball :karate:.

hoo boy did i have a great time shouts and props to everyone there but most specially to philly one for 3 things 1 for hosting this, 2 for that godlike comeback when he fought tao with ragna, and 3 for surprising the hell outta me with arakune, that was top notch, im looking forward to the next one, One!!!

yeah we need to enjoy every game, and shouldn’t be biased toward specific one anymore

that’s why we had SF4 HDR BB at the same time !!!


hope we can get more for BB next week

and fyi you can stay up at my place as long as you promise not to pass out on my bed

like 6 guys left my place at 6 in the morning lol