9/12, Hempstead, NY - Banging the Island - BB, GG, and more?

Myself, and the Hofstra University Gamers present to you, Banging the Island, the first of a hopefully successful tournament series. To help level up the little that is LI, as well as NYC and other states.

The Hofstra University Game room.
The Game Room is located to the left and down the stairs from the main entrance to the Student Center. If you have trouble finding it, you can call me, If you have doubts before hand, PM me for my phone number.

Driving: Google/mapquest. Hofstra is in Nassau county if prompted.

Train: Local stations on the LIRR include Hempstead and Mineola. If you plan to get in this way, get my number, so I can get try to get you a ride from the station to Hofstra. If you are lucky, there may be a free blue school bus to Hofstra from Mineola, though they may ask for Hofstra ID.

Registration starts at 12:30.
Blazblue is at 2:00.
Guilty Gear XX AC is at 5:00.
??? - They’ll probably be time for something else. The question is what? Teams in a game or 2? State battles? Another game? State what you want, and I’ll make it happen! (please vote here in the poll as well: http://dustloop.com/forums/showthread.php?t=7209

Fees and Prizes:
Entry into all singles tournies is $10. Venue fee is $5. Venue discounts for bringing shit include:
Console+game - $2 Venue fee.
TV, Console, and game - NO Venue fee.

Please tell me if you plan on bringing such equipment. - I will still apply discounts if they are unused, because I appreciate effort

BONUS VENUE FEE DISCOUNT: If you drive people more than 20 minutes away here, you will get $1 off for each extra person in your car.

Prize pots are 60/30/10. Unless someone makes otherwise, the tournament will be PS3/PS2.

It also seems like the Hofstra University Gamers will be adding some complimentary food, though I need to be sure before a promise…

Hope to see the community come out for this one. Feel free to ask any questions here.

LI tourney sounds good but no SF4 or 3rd Strike?

This is to mainly support the BB and GG community. But if there is enough demand…