9/12 SOVA Ranbats, Ranbat 3-3

We had a good turnout for tonight’s ranbat. And we even had a guest of honor. Marvel vs Capcom 2. Videos for SF4 and MvC2 will be up soon within the next days. Here are the results.


1: Ryry
2: Throw Joe
3: Foomy
4: DBC
5: Blackula
5: Styles
7: Dsinnie
7: Unknown Enemy
9: Jerod
9: Mito
9: Winback
9: Liquid Snake
13: Split Atoms
13: Gummowned
13: Oh No
13: OJ4
17: Serena
17: Aimforthefeet
17: Marlon
17: J3W
17: Troyboy


1: Foomy
2: Ryry
3: Troyboy
4: Unknown Enemy
5: Oh No
5: Jerod
7: Split Atoms
7: Judge
9: OJ4
9: Throw Joe
9: Styles
9: Dsinnie
13: J3W
13: Serena

Gs ryry, blackula.

ggs to everyone i played tonight

dsinnie: cant make any excuses, you beat me for free. i’m still yet to beat u in tourney.

j3w: ggs…stay with blanka for now. build up balrog in causals, and gamestop tournies

andrew liquidsnake: you got potential, keep it up. you beat me fair and square, i have no excuses. you were the better man. and i saw yoiu almost made top 8 so keep it up.

ryry: you destroyed me in mvc2 as usual

troyboy: ggs, you arent that bad for someone who doesnt really play mvc2

judge: ggs in marvel

black Irish: nice to meet u. keep coming back and posting here on srk. you’ll get use to are dumbasses soon

My boy Jae Mito is on the come up; you almost got top 8 buddy. Once I grind out some more sessions with him and teach him the rest of my Rog tricks, best believe he is sweeping these ranbats all day.

ggs to everyone last night. Had a lot of fun. Nice to see some new faces every once in awhile.

last night was really fun! thanks Black for hosting. glad to see such a huge turnout and new faces… i guess during the summer time people didnt feel like gaming, but now since school started back up everyones coming out to play.

Liquid Snake (Andrew C.) and Mito have crazy-improved, and Dsinnie, Styles, and DBC have been beasting as usual. Keep it up, gentlemen. Props to Newport News for making it out once again.

Look at these numbers. I think about two months ago we were calling SFIV dead. Where’s !A? And we may as well throw 3rd Strike in there one day.

SF4 vids are up. Marvel vids are uploading.

Who’s that Troyboy guy he’s pretty good at that Marvel vs. Capcom Game. What is that game anyway?

Good Games -

Foomy - Nice shit in Marvel, I’ll up my game and get you next time.

RyRy - I would have beat you if we played :slight_smile:

Nelson - Great matches man, hope to play you again soon.

Black - Thanks for hosting again bro, always fun.

Everyone else I played Good games.

PS: I played my SF4 matches without a light kick.

PSS: Where can I get the Marvel videos.

First top 5, good shit to everyone who showed up yesterday. Keep the turnouts up!

damn, i woulda won a nother one. gs guys.

Mito is garbage at life…no seriously…TRASH

styles not bad you wouldnt have gotten 5th if i was there, and joe e wouldnt have gotten 2nd :slight_smile:

and foomy just watched the vids of you in marvel and well ill post in that va thread about it

troy boy is nasty

Co Fucking Sign !!!

MVC2 tourney was fun, i think someone forgot to turn off input delay for like halve the tourney though.

Still got alot of work to do in mvc2. but i look forward to the matches every time i play, unlike sfiv =_=

Black, im sure you herd and know that i left my Nintendo bag at your place. ill be by to get it asap. ill be sure to let you know before i head out there.

It was kind of weird going to the first ranbat after having posted in the thread for months. Because I know pretty much all of your names and avatars, so when I hear who I’m about to play, it’s like, “Oh, that’s the guy with that avatar, I’ve seen him post about going to these things. I think I’m about to lose.” Even the one’s I won, I really had to clutch it out. It was a really interesting experience, but a hell of a lot of fun, and I felt like I leveled up even when I lost. I can’t wait for the next ranbat, let’s get this shit hype!

Nick, thanks again for bringing me out, even though it was probably a huge pain in the ass to have to drive back and forth 3 times.

That was your first ranbat?

Yeah, because the one that was supposed to happen after the SvC tournament didn’t happen.

Damn I lost to a RanBat noob…lol

Even though I didnt have a light kick…

well you should make it to more ranbats…

tell your parents your just playing video games and you can stay out later…