9/13/09 "House of SF4" VBO Results


Had an impromptu VBO event @ my last gathering :stuck_out_tongue:

Some may have watched this on the stream that night :slight_smile: I have the videos but the file (i think) is corrupt. I’ll get em up if i can ever get this shit to work.

Since there were only 9 of us it was classic tourney style 2/3, double elim, 3/5 finals and grand finals.

9/13 House of SF4 VBO:

  2. mooyang90 [SA]
  3. henroid [SK]
  4. Cicada [BA]
  5. luckyazn/Chip [BA, SA, VE]
  6. Tribbo101 [GE]
  7. E Rod 24 [RY]
  8. Shingin [VE]
  9. waldo 98 [EH, BL]

Moval walking away with a cool $18 :rofl:: http://twitpic.com/i26ip

ggs, everyone.


chip mirror matching everyone was the highlight of the night.

Second was moval hustling me outta 2 dollas. NO SLURPEEE MONEEYYY.


man, i havent had one of those since i was 12. :o